Thursday 4/30

Today’s story is a fun book called The Napping House. It’s about all the things that sleep piled up on the the bed from largest to smallest. Just like our shoes yesterday. Then after that your assignment is to send a picture of your child doing two(2) of the moves from the music lesson. I will be sharing these about once a week as I get them from the music teacher.

When finished, please write down what your child said and send their picture them to me at I am really hoping to get a picture from every student this week. I will share what I recieved the day before.

Be on the look out for a call from myself or Mrs. Hazamy later today to do our weekly check in. Also I am beginning to put bags together for at home activities I will be doing porch drop offs of these materials in May, so please email me if your address is different or let us know when we call so we can update it.

The link for Epic books is for the children to listen to books at home. Sign your child up to see the stories I am linking for them to listen too. They will also be able to listen to many other books and stories of their choosing. The class code is mhe8655. So they can listen to this stories for free with the account you create. 

We are adding a new online learning piece for the students to work on numbers. Our class code is 911 561 to access it. There is also a link in our Google Classroom to the site. Every child has an account that I setup for them and I sent their password with the student login information.(password is a number 1-16) . This site is awesome because it adjusts to the child’s knowledge of numbers. They will all start with a quick assessment to guide the lessons that are individualized for them. We are up to five students that completed the initial assessment and are on their personalized learning path into Kindergarten.

Thank you for continuing to help your kids while schools are closed. The new district remote learning plan is out and every student is required to work on assigned schoolwork for 2-3 hours daily and have contacts with the teacher every week so we will begin having a google hangout on Wednesday every week were the students will be able to say hi and listen to an activity. For the second contact I am required to hear from every student also, this can be as simple as sending me a picture of one of the assignment from the day or commenting below in the comments.

Through a series of unfortunate events district wide last week Dearborn Schools have had to suspend ALL live lessons and the use of Google Meets until further notice. That is why I had to strike-out the information about our meeting every Wednesday. 🙁 After tomorrow I will just stop posting this sad news but I want to make sure everyone saw it.

The children’s daily routine will be just like at school and have all the pieces that I did with them at school. So they will have a reading/listening activity, a writing activity, a mathematics activity, imaginative play (Plan, Do, Review), creative arts and gross motor. The fine motor activities are built into some of the other activities but may also be the activity.

The imaginative play and Plan, Do, Review are as easy as a couple times a day when the children are going to play start by asking them what their plan is, some examples are; What they will play with? What they are going to do with it? Who they might play with? How hey are going to use it? Then when they are done ask them to recall. Have them tell you details of the play activity they did.

The daily writing, reading and gross motor is always addressed in these 3 simple daily homework assignments since the beginning of the year. 1.Practice Writing. 2.Practice Reading. 3.Playing outside (social distanced) (ABC fit kids using 2 family members names or Cosmic Kids Yoga, ).

If you need to get a hold of me I can still be reached by email or you can call my classroom number (-827-7238) and leave a message, they go to my email. If I call back it will come from an unknown or unavailable number. I will only call Monday-Thursday between 9am-3pm. Be on the lookout for a call this week.

This is important information that I need to see what information and materials you may need and the district needs for their state education plan. Please take a minute to fill it out. Thank you to the 8 families that already completed it. We are halfway there and if any of your needs have changed please complete it again and I will update my results.

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