Spring Break

Good afternoon – next week is Nowlin’s scheduled Spring Break…so enjoy! We will not do any Google Hangouts, or have any assigned work for the week April 6 – April 10. We will meet again on a Google Hangout on Monday April 13. I hope everyone enjoys, stays healthy and has a good time with their families! =D


Please continue to complete Zearn. I have just assigned everyone to the lesson that everyone should be on. However, if you have been working hard on your Math and you are passed where you should be – good job! I have not changed the lessons for the people who are passed where they should be. In fact, please let me know when you finish the 3rd grade curriculum and I can assign you 4th grade curriculum to give you a head start on next year 🙂

2019-2020 School Year

Good afternoon – As I am sure many of you heard, governor Whitemer made a speech this morning addressing her plans for the remainder of the school year. This calendar school year (until June) has been suspended until/if restrictions are lifted. Students and staff will not be reporting to school in order to slow the spread of the virus. However, teachers are to continue to post work, help and relationships with their students. Therefore, my plans look very similar to what they have been thus far.

Half of the class has not attended a Google Hangout or communicated with me in anyway yet since the school closure in mid March. This concerns me greatly. If you do not complete the school work that I am posting and do not maintain relationships with me and your classmates, pertaining to your schoolwork, I worry that the work load will be an extreme difficulty for you when we do return to Nowlin. If you are having issues with the Chromebook that Nowlin passed out, or can not get the internet, please let me know so that I can assist you.

I continue to look forward to this new adventure of teaching and learning over the computer with all of you! Please message me on Class Dojo if I can help with anything.

Spelling Words

have not been assigning anything for spelling. However, students should still be practicing spelling the words. My blog has a link that has all of the spelling words for the entire year. Log on to my blog, and click the link that says “year long spelling words”, scroll down and click the link. You will find all of the spelling words for the whole year.

Here is the link, if you lose the link, then just follow the directions above.