Floor strengthening activities and Standing Activities for balance, strength, and coordination

Physical Therapy Home Ideas

All children have varying movement tolerances and capabilities. If you have questions regarding your child, please contact your physical therapist via email or reference your child’s IEP.

Floor activities for strengthening 

  • Work on tall kneel and half kneel at a support surface like a couch or ottoman and moving from floor to stand.   
  • If your child is able, work on kneel walking forwards, backwards and sideways
  • Bridging when laying on their back.  
  • Superman position on the floor or on a pillow.  The child can reach for a balloon held up.

Standing activities for balance , strength and coordination.

  • Standing on one leg exercise for as long as 5 to 10 secs ( 3 times each side)  
  • Walking up and down stairs one feet on each step holding rail.
  • Sit to stand from a chair with feet on the floor.
  • Walking backwards and sideways 
  • Kicking a ball or balloon . 
  • Catching and throwing a ball from 5-7 feet distance or hitting a balloon.  Balloon activity ( hitting/catching or kicking )

Note: During the above activities please provide support as needed and demonstrate the activities to your child.  Add at least one floor and one standing activity to your child’s daily routine. 

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