Downloading your petition

Here’s a link explaining how to download your petition. Please download and email document to me for grading. petition download instructions

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Letter Writing Tips for Activism Project, Part 3

Here’s a link to some letter writing tips, if you choose to contact a local official and ask them to support your cause.

Formal Letter Format

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Week of 5-21

Use the link provided to view our Activism Project Assignment, with details about what is expected for each component for the project.

Activism Project Assignment Sheet

Google Slide Presentation Rubric

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Week of 5-21

The time has come to begin our activism projects! Use the link below for ideas about causes you may want to fight for with your group as you begin your project.

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Week of 5-14

This week in LA Plus, we finished up learning about immigrant rights. We read the articles titled “The Great Migration” and “U.S. Must Keep DACA and Accept New Applications, Federal Judge Rules.”

Students learned about the Golden Line strategy and practiced it with these articles.

In addition to these articles we watched the following videos about immigrant rights: We the Voters, Undocumented Students, and the Ted Talk: Actions are Illegal, Never People.

We wrapped up Unit 3 by completing a CER that answers our essential question: How do lessons from past activist movements influence/inspire activist movements today?

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Week of 5-7

This week in LA Plus, we began learning about the Women’s Rights movement, focusing on lessons learned from activists at the beginning of the movement and how those lessons have influenced the movement today.

We read an article about the history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement which can be found HERE. We also read an article about the recent women’s march on Washington and around the world.

Students then completed a description organizer and tophat, comparing and contrasting the beginning of the Women’s Rights Movement to the present day movement.

Near the end of the week, we began learning about Immigrant Rights, and read an article about the history of immigrant rights in our country.

We learned about making text connections this week as well, focusing specifically on text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections.

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Week of 4-30

This week in LA Plus, we finished up learning about the Civil Rights Movement by specifically learning about Jim Crow Laws. After learning about Jim Crow Laws, students learned about what is presently going on in the world around them: the New Jim Crow, which is mass incarceration of people of color. We read the article titled “New Jim Crow” and “Hard Time Out” to gain a better understanding of these topics.

We also watched Jane Elliott’s blue eye/brown eye experiment about discrimination (first 18 minutes of video attached), and made connections between her experiment and our own classroom experiment about Jim Crow Laws.

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Week of 4-23

This week in LA Plus, we read wrapped up our work with the documentary “The Children’s March.” We read the article “The Other Student Activists” , and completed a vocab four square activity with the following words: segregate, integrate, resistance, and supremacy.

We also learned about a new comprehension strategy that helps readers identify the main idea of a piece of text called “Read Stop Jot.” This strategy helps readers identify the central idea of a text and supporting details. We also read an article about the student that organized the recent national school walkout on April 20th, and practiced the Read Stop Jot strategy.

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Week of 4-9 and 4-16

This week in LA Plus, we worked on finishing up Unit 2. We learned a new strategy called “Thick vs. Thin Questions,” which helps readers focus on developing critical thinking skills. We practiced this strategy with an article and our Friday reading.

We also reviewed how to write a CER, and used all of the evidence collected this unit to write a CER, answering our essential question: What is courage?

At the end of the week, we will begin Unit 3, focusing on identifying global issues, and how we can begin to solve those problems. Our essential question this unit is “How do messages from past activist movements influence movements today?” We jumped right in to solving this question, by watching the documentary, “The Children’s March.” We will start by looking at the Civil Rights Movement, and the lessons learned that still hold true in activist movements today.

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Week of 3-26

This week in LA Plus, we started off the week reading the short story, “The Valentine.” While reading this story, students used a new strategy called “Say Something.” This strategy focuses on helping readers make meaning of what they’ve read, by helping create a structured conversation around the text.

After reading “The Valentine,” we learned about the “Retell the Story” strategy. This “retell rope” version of a summary focuses on answering specific questions in order, to give others a more detailed summary of what was read.

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