April 27, 2018

 Our first field trip of the year.  The children were so excited to ride on the bus.  The day turned out to be beautiful.  Can’t wait for our next trip- May 21st.

The children have learned many site words.  Have your child write everyday to keep the progress going.


APRIL 13, 2018

The count down to kindergarten has begun.  There have been many discussions about expectations and learning habits.  This past week we started our transition to kindergarten by taking the children to eat in the cafeteria.  The children did AWESOME.

Upcoming Dates:     April 19– Parent Meeting                                                                                                                        April 24–Detroit Zoo Field Trip                                                                                                     May 3 through 10th No school- Home visits                                                    May 21 University of Michigan Dearborn Pond Study



The children had fun exploring paint this week.  The children painted while listening to music, painted with simple materials and painted with their bodies.

Coming soon—–ZOO FIELD TRIP—-April 24, 2018.


Happy New Year!

The children will be focusing on math concepts this month.  The children were introduced to the symbols of adding and subtracting at the start of school as we added and took away material from the classroom.  We use the symbols now to add and subtract how many children are in the class.  “Subitizing” is the new word this month.  It is when an individual can instantly recognize quantity or amount.  The children have been practicing with dice and have become quite good.

Parent Meeting is Thursday, January 18, 2018.  Arrive promptly and be prepared to witness your child’s growth.