April 16

The last Parent Meeting of the year is this Thursday, April 18.  The plans are to be outside, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

The Children have been learning about animals and their habitats.  This is information that they can apply to the field trip to the Zoo on April 30th.

Attached are some of the pictures from our field trip to the DNR Outdoor Adventure.


February 25

The weeks are going by fast.  We still have so much work ahead of us.  Take the time to read to your child EVERYDAY.  Let them point out words that we have been reading in class- I, am, do, to, no, love, yes, on.   They can point out symbols too–? . !   Our plan for “March is Reading Month” is to fill everyone’s rainbow that is posted on the bulletin board outside the classroom.  Reading everyday can accomplish this.

Below are pictures of our last Parent Meeting which focused on Fine Motor skills.


Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a wonderful break and a Happy New Year.

Is your child spending the break driving you CRAZY?  Lol, keep them busy.  Try some of the suggestions below:    (Besides having your child practice writing their first/last name.)

  1. Look through an ABC book with them…have them name as many letters as they can.  Practice naming the ones they can’t remember.
  2. Practice counting out loud from 1-10 or 1-20 or 1-30 (depending on what number your child can count to by themselves).
  3. Use measuring cups/spoons and have your child put them in order from largest to smallest.
  4. Walk around the house and count how many windows, beds, pillows, doors, spoons/forks you have.
  5. Write numbers 1-10 on paper and draw pictures to represent the amount of each number.
  6. Have your child help you with household chores: sorting laundry into piles by colors (sorting by color), folding towels (shape identification), setting the table for dinner (counting)…it’s getting stuff done at home and learning all in one!
  7. Spray shaving cream on a cookie sheet and practice writing numbers in the shaving cream (messy, but SUPER fun)!
  8. Go for a walk. Make tally marks for the cars that pass you. Count the total.

November 9, 2018

This week the children enjoyed a visit from Mr. Paul-The Critter Guy.  It is a great experience for the children to be able to see and to be able to handle the animals.

With the weather changing to snow, please send your child with proper clothing-warm jacket with workable zipper, hat, gloves, boots and snow pants.

There are two more Friday’s in which you can take your child to Whitmore Bolles and enjoy interactive activities.  Friday, November 16, the Fire Department, along with a police officer, will be there with good information for you and your child.  On November 30, you and your child can enjoy music and movement activities.  Come join us on these Friday’s from 9 a.m.  to 10 a.m.



October 26th, 2018

Thank you to everyone that participated in the October Parent Meeting.  As you can see your children have learned many skills such as, the addition and subtraction symbols, the question mark, period and the no symbol.  We have been practicing Mat Man almost everyday.  This will help the children bring detail to their pictures in their writing journals.  When your child is writing/drawing pay particular attention to their grasp of their writing utensil and where they begin their formation of their letters and numbers-At the TOP.

I look forward to seeing you at the November Parent/Teacher conference where we can talk about your child.


Welcome to Our Class

The children have worked so hard and have adjusted quite well to the class routine.  We have created a very close community setting.  As we move through the year your child will begin to amaze you with the knowledge they have gained.  Your child already identifies the symbols for adding and subtracting and know how it applies.  The children can also identify a talking bubble, question mark, and a period.

Pictures are taken in and out of class.  Here is a sneak peak of you will be viewing in the hallway or in the classroom:

   Daily 5