Newsletter for the Week of March 4th


  • Our core vocab word of the week was “stop”
  • We practiced using the word “stop” in many ways. The children made marble paintings and shook the container until a friend said “stop,” we made toy cars go and stop, and we danced until the song said freeze and then stopped
  • Our letter of the week was “S”
  • We practiced the letter “S” by reading an interactive book and searching through our rice bin for objects that start with the letter “S,” we did a submarine bingo sheet, and sang letter “S” songs, we also traced a sailboat
  • We practiced counting and number recognition with our feed me pretend cow game
  • We read “Bear in a Square” and then sorted objects by their shape
  • The students practiced identifying the first letter in their name and completed a rainbow write
  • The students helped read an interactive book about colors and then sorted our color bears
  • We read many books to kick off March is reading month including “Monday is a Funday,” “The Pigeon Wants a Puppy,” and “Mouse Shapes”




  • March 11th – Literacy Night
  • March 13th – Late Start
  • No School – April 1st-5th – Spring Break





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