2016-17 City Wide Art Show

The following students had work that was submitted to the 2016-17 Dearborn Public Schools City Wide Art Show – Way to go Aviators!

Aleson Coleman (6th grade): Negative/Positive Design
Zainab Almusawi (6th grade): Zentangle Hands
Nadeen Seklawi (6th grade): “Rose” Bowl, Shoe Still Life
Hana Taha (6th grade): “Heart” Bowl
Aya Fayad (6th grade): Shoe Still Life
Rukaya Altiwainy (7th grade): O’Keeffe Flowers
Zahra Alkarem (7th grade): Name Design
Houda Albazzal (7th grade): “Day of the Dead” Skull
Zeinab Elkatib (7th grade): “Day of the Dead” Skull
Faize Alachkar (8th grade): Letter “F”
Zeina Bazzi (8th grade): “Day of the Dead” Mask
Zainab Alnajim (8th grade): “Day of the Dead” Mask
Hanan Saleh (8th grade): Floral Box



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