3rd Grade

April 21 – June 12

Continue to go to Mrs. Kinnaird’s Google Classroom for your assignments!

April 14 – April 16

Go to Google Classroom for your assignment!

April 7 – April 9

Spring Break!

March 31 – April 2

Hello there my little chickadees!  Please go to Google Classroom for this week’s assignment – Celebrate Poetry Month.

March 24 – 26

Hi Kids!  I hope everything is going well in your homes.  I love you all, so be safe, okay?

1).  Go to:
Follett Destiny link

2).  Click on William Ford Elementary School.

3).  Explore the library webpage by clicking on various books.  Try doing a search by author Dav Pilkey (type in Pilkey, Dav) and hit ‘Enter’.  Also try searching for ‘dinosaurs’ and see what titles come up that have dinosaurs in them.  From these results, try searching for your reading level by clicking on the down arrow next to the word, Lexile on the far left-side of the page.  Select the range that your reading level falls in.  Notice that there is a number in parentheses next to your level.  This number means there are this number of books that you could read on dinosaurs.  

4).  Next week, I will be giving you an assignment in Google Classroom about our school library catalog!

March 17-19

Hello Kiddos! This is all so strange, isn’t it? Not being with all of you at school is making me blue. What will I do without all of your sweet and wonderful hugs?!?! Here’s my hug (well, my virtual hug, that is!) to you!

Image result for virtual hug

1).  Go to Google Classroom and complete two pictures in your Pixel Art assignment.  Also, begin the Candy Shop research assignment by completing Candy Shop: Change the Font and Candy Shop: Copy & Paste.  They are in your Google folder for my class.

2).  Practice keyboarding for 20 minutes in Typing.com  .

December 10 – 12

Go to Google Classroom to finish up November Timely Tech Activities.

September 10 – 12

Listen to Mrs. Kinnaird for the instructions for today’s assignment.  Afterwards, go to Google Classroom and click on the Dot Day Digital Glyph assignment.

September 3 – September 5, 2019

Go to Google Classroom for directions to the assignment.

June 6th

Go to Google Classroom and find your assignment for today.  The assignment is called Spring Digital Pattern Block Mats.

May 21 – May 23

Continue with completing your Pixel Art designs.

Go Google Classroom to find your work.

May 14 – May 16

Continue with completing your Pixel Art designs.

Go Google Classroom to find your work.

April 29, 2019


Go to Google Classroom and click on the newest assignment, “Pixel Art”.  Begin with the introduction and then start working on the first design.