About Mr. Keramaris

Music has always been a lifelong passion of mine.  I started playing piano at the age of nine and have been in choirs since my teens.  Ever since teaching my first piano lessons and summer camps I knew teaching was the way to use my talents.  The satisfaction received from watching kids grow and succeed as musicians and individuals is something that motivates me and continues to drive me now.  Having the opportunity to make a long lasting difference in people’s lives is not something that can be said of all professions, but it can be said of teaching.  For me, this is what makes it so fulfilling. This is my first year teaching in Dearborn Public Schools and it is an honor to be teaching in the very district from which I graduated and a city I have called home almost my entire life.

Dedication to my work is something I have always taken pride in.  I work well with kids, am engaging, and value professional development.  My goals are to make a long lasting, positive impact on my students through the art of music and to continually improve as an educator. The arts, especially music, are such an essential part of one’s education and I plan to be an active voice and advocate for its place in our nation’s schools.