We will be going to the Detroit Zoo on Tuesday, April 9th. This is a heads up for parents to get off work if you would like to chaperone. A note will be going home closer to the field trip date! The trip will be from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Chaperones will be responsible for their own child and 1-2 more students.

*If you would like to chaperone, you must visit the office ASAP to complete a volunteer form. These expire every two years*

Prizes for Pasta for Pennies



This year, the ‘Pasta for Pennies’ campaign is offering some prizes for students who collect money.  Specific information regarding prizes and their amounts are listed on the note that will be sent home on Monday.


Please note that MOST of the prizes being offered can only be earned through ONLINE donations.  If your child is interested in earning these prizes, they will need to donate online, through our class fundraising page:


  • PRIZES from COIN BOXES ($5): 

Students can also collect money in their individual coin boxes.  If students collect $5, they will earn a Power Ring.  Parents: please cut-out and complete the coupon form (attached to Monday’s note) before sending your child’s $5 to school.

Please note that classroom teachers do NOT have access to prizes.  We are required to turn in student donations to the campaign organizer, who will then deliver prizes to students once the donations have been counted and organized.  This may take a couple of days, or more.

Thank you for your patience!

Pasta for Pennies


It’s that time of year again for the ‘Pasta for Pennies’ campaign!  Henry Ford Elementary (along with many other schools across the country!) will be collecting donations for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society throughout the month of March.  The money collected through ‘Pasta for Pennies’ directly benefits children with leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, and their families.

Here is a short, kid-friendly video that teachers will be showing next week:



This Monday, students will go home with individual coin boxes to collect spare change and/or dollar bills.  Throughout the weeks, your child can transport coins to and from school using their collection boxes.  Every teacher will have a ‘Class’ collection box for safe storage of all the coins/bills students bring in.


If you are interested in making an online donation, please use the link (below) to access our classroom fundraising page.  You may also use our class page to take part in this week’s flash sale.  Specific directions for this are included on the note that will be sent home on Monday.


Of course, participation in the ‘Pasta for Pennies’ campaign is optional.  For those that do choose to donate, thank you in advance for participating in this worthy cause!  Our students and families at Henry Ford are always so generous!