Eager to be ready and start school?

I completely understand parents’ desires to be prepared and to prepare their child or children with everything they need to succeed. To help you, I am providing a supply list which is crucial to a student’s success in our math class.

Required School Supplies:

  • enVision Student Companion Workbook (I will give this to you.)
  • enVision Online Textbook by SavvasRealize
  • Chromebook (You are responsible for your chromebook/laptop.)
  • Three-Ring Binder (1.5-inch) (2 or 3-inch binders work too)
  • Tabs:  Sections to be determined
  • Loose-Leaf Paper (Paper out of a spiral notebook will NOT be accepted! Frayed edges stick together.)
  • PENCILS and Erasers (If pens, then white out tape is needed for corrections!  No liquid whiteout due to the mess!)
  • Highlighters (All Colors: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue)
  • Colored Pencils

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