Check In Week of 6/1

Good afternoon! This week, we’re going to touch on Watergate. Because of the ongoing demonstrations in Minneapolis and around the rest of the country, I decided that I’d like to also talk about that this week, because what’s going on is extremely important and ties in well with much of what you’ve read about over the past month or so in my class.

Your check in this week is this: I want you to go to the following two websites, one of which shows pictures from the Detroit Riots of 1967, and the other of which shows pictures of what’s going on this week. You will use them to respond to two questions.



  1. From the pictures and the descriptions, and from what you know or have seen before, what similarities do you see between the two events? What differences do you see?
  2. What images stand out to you? You should pick at least one from each site and explain very briefly why they stood out to you.

Again, please send me your answers on remind or by email by Friday this week. Also, I know some of you guys have stressed a little about these check ins — they shouldn’t cause you any extra stress. These are just meant to be like our old bellwork and are a way for me to see how you’re doing and what you think. If you need help with anything, please reach out to me or Ms. Homayed, we are more than happy to provide you with any assistance you might need!

Have a wonderful week guys! Let’s finish strong! Stay safe! 🙂

Chapter 23 Powerpoints

I have posted three powerpoints for you to go through on chapter 23, which is all about hippies and the different rights movements going on during the ’60s and the Vietnam War. These are what the protesters of the war that you read about wanted. On the google doc are a few questions for each powerpoint. Because it’s a short week, this and the check in assignment are what I’m asking you to do for the week.

Check In

For your check in this week, I have a video for you to watch on what historian Ken Burns believes is the legacy of the Vietnam War. The word document is simply a transcript I made for the video with some of the words defined. What I want you to do is to watch the video/read the transcript and answer these two questions by emailing me or sending me a text on remind:
1) Why does Ken Burns think the Vietnam War might be more important than the Civil War or World War II?
2) Do you agree with Ken Burns that the Vietnam War is more important than any other war in American history? Why or why not?

Vietnam War Timeline

For this assignment, if you have a printer at home, I’d like you to print out the assignment, scan or take pictures of it when you’re done, and submit it on here. If you don’t have a printer, answer the questions on a google doc or write them up on paper. This is a timeline of the entire Vietnam War. Use the timeline and the bubbles explaining the different events to answer the questions. This is due Friday at 10 AM. And as always, please ask me or Ms. Homayed if you need help with this or any assignment. Good luck!

Weekly Check In

Good morning students! For seniors, welcome to the final days of your home stretch! I’m very proud of all of you and the work you’ve put in during these last couple months.

For this week, your check in question is to look at the map and answer the following questions (WITHOUT USING GOOGLE — this is low-stakes, I just want you to practice using the map, and google will send many of you guys in weird directions): 1) What kind of places did the Viet Cong strategically attack during the Tet Offensive? (Hint: use the key) and 2) How did the Ho Chi Minh Trail help the Viet Cong carry out the Tet Offensive?

Text me your answers on remind or email them to me and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Try to get them done earlier in the week if you can, not at 4 AM on Friday morning. 🙂 Good luck! Stay safe!

22.3 Section Assessment

This textbook section is about the protests that began to emerge about the Vietnam War. Many Americans began to see the conflict as pointless and bloody and protested the president’s escalation of the conflict. Please read the following textbook section and answer questions #1, 3, 4, and 5 at the end of the section. This is due Friday at 10 AM. Please as always let me know if you have any questions or need any help! It’s what we’re here for 🙂