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Good afternoon, all. I hope you’re all doing well.

I apologize for my lack of notice for my absence and not updating yesterday. It slipped my mind. I will be here for the rest of the week though, and I’m not planning on being away anytime in the near future.

Please remind your children to bring jackets! I want to let them have as much outside time as possible before the snow starts, but I don’t want to take them outside in short sleeves and risk them getting sick!

I don’t think there’s really much more I have to update on. I’m going to ask Principal Tiba about using the other board in the cafeteria for more information about me, the program, and upcoming events. I will let you all know though.

Contact me at greimel@dearbornschools.org with any concerns!

Have a great day,

Jojo Greimel (they/them)


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Good morning, parents. I hope you’re all having a lovely start to your day!

The weather this afternoon is going to be in the high 50’s. I am not sure whether we will go outside or not, but I will let you know where we are with a sign on the pickup door.

I don’t have much to update on other than a reminder that we have a candy donation box for the Trunk or Treat on the 24th.

Thank you for your time, I hope you all have a great day.

Jojo Greimel (they/them)


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Good afternoon, all! I hope everyone’s day is going well.

This week our theme is identity. As the first month of the school year comes to a close, we continue to learn more about ourselves and our peers everyday! I want the kids to work on acknowledging all the super awesome parts of who they are and who they might want to be someday. And I want us to be able to understand each other by having discussions about this.

Our candy box should be set up sometime this week if you would like to give a donation!

There’s a 30% chance of rain in our area at the beginning of our afternoon session, so the likely hood of us going outside is low. Tomorrow morning looks like it’s only going to be 50 degrees so we won’t be going out tomorrow, as the kids begged me to go outside this morning then immediately wanted to go inside after being warned it was cold. As always though, I will post our whereabouts on the pickup door.

With that, you can contact me at greimel@dearbornschools.org with about whatever you need!


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Good morning parents, I hope you’re all having a great start to your day!

Next week, I will be setting up a monster themed candy donation box. There is a Trunk or Treat event being held on Monday, October 24th at 18700 Audette Street. The candy is due by the 17th of October. Any donations of whole bags of candy (not individual pieces, please!) would be much appreciated!

We will not be going outside this morning, but depending on how the kids feel and what the weather actually feels like in the afternoon, we may go out.

I don’t have anything else to report on, so the next time you’ll probably hear from me is Sunday! Have an amazing and safe weekend!!

I’m always available at greimel@dearbornschools.org.

Thanks for your time!
Jojo Greimel (they/them)


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Good evening, parents! Happy first day of (the best season) fall!

I hope everyone’s keeping warm. It felt colder than it actually was most of today. The kids still want to go outside but some forgot their jackets at home. Please remind them! There’s already some runny noses and coughs in the class. I have masks available for the kids if they want. I just want parents to know that it seems like seasonal sicknesses are making their presences known in some of our sessions.

We also safely and successfully conducted our first two fire drills in the AM and PM sessions. The first one just under two minutes and the second one just under one.

Tomorrow morning is going to be far colder than today. It looks like the highest in the AM session will be 46 degrees. I probably won’t be taking them outside, at least not in the morning. It will be mid 60’s in the afternoon.

Contact me at greimel@dearbornschools.org with any concerns!


Jojo Greimel (they/them)


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Good evening, parents! I hope all is going well tonight.

Tomorrow morning the time we’re spending together is going to be pretty chilly! It looks like it’s going to be in the high 50’s for the morning session. In the afternoon session it’s not going to be a lot warmer, around the low 60’s. Remind your child to bring a jacket!

Tomorrow morning and afternoon we will be practicing a fire drill. There will be no alarm for this, but if you come to the building looking for Kids Club and you don’t see us in the cafeteria, we will either be in the gym, outside, or practicing our drill. I will put a sign indicating what/where.

The route for our drill is just outside the doors nearest to the bathroom and in front of the school by where buses park. We will practice our next fire drill sometime in November/December.

I think that’s all for now, so if any other information is needed or you have a question, contact me at greimel@dearbornschools.org!

Have a great night,

Jojo Greimel (they/them)


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I apologize for the lack of update yesterday.  Personally, I’m having a bit of a hectic start to my week.

There’s not a whole lot to report on yesterday, just that I recommend you check out the previous post to see some of the kids posing for picture day!  We didn’t go outside yesterday because the kids were in nice clothes and I didn’t want them to get ruined.  As long as it’s not wet outside, we will be going out today.

I also want to give a shout-out to our friend Finn, who joined Kids Club last week! Happy belated birthday! He turned 5 on the 19th.

The weather is going to be very warm again, most of our afternoon time is going to be 80 degrees. Not a lot to catch up on today, but as always I’ll let you all know if anything changes.

Contact me at greimel@dearbornschools.org with any questions, comments, or concerns!


Jojo Greimel (they/them)


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Good afternoon, all! I hope you’re all enjoying a relaxing and refreshing weekend! A few updates as we start preparing to begin the week.

I will likely be going over the importance of hand washing and respecting each other’s personal space this week, along with our theme of indoor safety. We don’t have many problems with hand washing or overstepping into each other’s bubbles, but I think a refresher and reminder is always beneficial.

As for indoor safety, we need to go over what games are appropriate to play indoors, as well as what items are okay and how we should be using them indoors. I would also like to have a fire drill sometime this week, in the AM and PM sessions. They will likely be on the same day. I will give more information on that once I know a day that will work this week.

It appears that the time we will be spending tomorrow will mostly be in the 70’s! Please remind your children to bring their water bottles!

As always, you can email me with any questions, thoughts, concerns, or ideas at greimel@dearbornschools.org!

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Jojo Greimel (they/them)


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Hello parents,

Sorry to send another post so soon after the last one, but this morning I was informed by a parent that a child in the morning and afternoon Kids Club program has Covid. They haven’t been in school since Thursday, the 14th.

I took a test and tested negative. I will be wearing a mask today and offering them to children, but I cannot strictly enforce a mask policy. I had planned on taking the children outside for a while today, so that is definitely where you’re going to find us. Signs will still be posted on the door.

I hope everyone is as healthy and happy as they can be,

Jojo Greimel (they/them)