H.W. Storyboard Russian Revolution

Read the following and then describe/ illustrate the events that led to the Russian Revolution and what happened soon after ( 16 terms).  Use the storyboard provided and draw additional boxes as needed. Feel free to use the back of your papers as well. Give this assignment an interesting title.

MAIN IDEA: REVOLUTION Long-term social
unrest in Russia exploded in
revolution, and ushered in the
first Communist government.

SETTING THE STAGE The Russian Revolution was like a firecracker with a
very long fuse. The explosion came in 1917, yet the fuse had been burning for
nearly a century. The cruel, oppressive rule of most 19th-century czars caused
widespread social unrest for decades. Army officers revolted in 1825. Secret revolutionary groups plotted to overthrow the government. In 1881, revolutionaries
angry over the slow pace of political change assassinated the reform-minded
czar, Alexander II. Russia was heading toward a full-scale revolution.

Events/ppl/causes to include in your story board

  1. Autocratic Rule
  2. The Russo-Japanese War
  3. Industrializes
  4. Bloody Sunday: The Revolution of
  5. Duma
  6. WWI
  7. Czar Nicholas II
  8. Rasputin
  9. March Revolution 1917
  10. The Czar Steps Down
  11. Provisional govt
  12. The Bolshevik Revolution
  13. Civil War Rages in Russia
  14. Lenin
  15. NEP
  16. Stalin ( 5 year plan) collectivization

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