Ch 29 Exam review – Exam is on Tuesday 5-21-19

This is a more narrowed down version of the vocab on the objectives sheet. Be sure to define and be able to explain and fully understand each term and how it relates to WWI/ Main idea in the section. Use your books  or click here if working at home ( ch 29) .  





Long term/ short term causes of WWI

Powder Keg

Schlieffen Plan- What was it ?

Total War

How and When did WWI end?

What’s an armistice?

What were the fourteen Points? Who came up with them? Why/ What was their purpose?

Which nation lost the most troops?

What was the Treaty of Versailles and its consequences?

What was the War Guilt Clause?

What was the purpose of trench warfare?

Who were the two sides at war ? How did these sides change later into WWI?

Define Rationing and explain why this system was used

What is propaganda and how did it influence WWI?

What is self- determination and who felt this was essential during the post war process?

What countries were excluded from the Council  discussing the Treaty of Versailles

Western and Eastern Fronts- Who/why/ where/ how

define unrestricted submarine warfare

which factors (long and short term) led to the U.S. officially entering the War?

What was the purpose of the League of Nations?

Who were the “Big Four”  who met at the Paris Peace Conference?

Effects of WWI on the Ottoman Empire

post war Germany

What was the U.S. government’s eventual stance on the Treaty of Versailles?






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