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I Will Miss You

on June 10, 2020

My Dear Students,

It has been a very weird school year, and we are approaching the end of it. I hope the next school year will be as close to normal as possible.

I want to tell you how proud I am of you. You were able to adjust to the new learning situation at no time and you worked hard to figure it out. You tried your best, and when life gave you lemons you made lemon aid 🙂

It was a pleasure having you in my class and I will miss you a lot. Please keep reading over the summer and visit the IXL and Study Island sites often so you do not lose what you learned this year. Also please practice your multiplication table, you have to know it 100% before you enter fifth grade. I wish you good luck in fifth grade and in your future lives. If you ever need anything please know that I am here for you. Have a safe summer.


Ms. Jabra

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