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Today 3/23/20

on March 23, 2020

Good morning,

Many of you had expressed concerns that you do not have your math books and you are having difficulty opening the flip chart on the EMBARK link.

I understand that, therefor I downloaded the flip chart on google classroom along with the video. This way you can watch the video then go through the activities on the flip chart and the problem set at the end. I hope that this will help solve the issue.

So today I expect you to do lesson 1 on Module 5. I know a couple of you are ahead, but that’s OK.

Also, I posted a Read Works article that I expect you to read and answer the questions for.

Please work on the MSTEP packets, 4 pages a day.

I miss you all! We are going to get through this I promise. Each one of us have do their part; your part is to stay calm, follow directions and keep up with your school work. At the same time I do not want you to panic or worry if you did not understand something or if you feel that you are falling behind. Use your time wisely and try to catch up. I know you are all responsible and you all care. Do what you can and I am here for you, I will help in anyway I can. Love you!

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