Farewell 2019-2020

Farewell. Hard to digest. I guess I should express my emotion in writing –things I hoped to have said in person. Here it goes.

Thank you all for bringing me so much joy. I haven’t laughed as much with any cohort of students as I have with you guys this year. Honestly, every day I would drive home with a silly smirk on my face thinking of the fun we had during the day. With that said- I want to tell you how proud I am of each and every single one of you. You have all showed growth academically and socially this year and guess what –next year you will show and achieve more. Life is not an easy ride. There will be days you want to scream into a pillow –or simply rip that pillow apart. And, other days where you wish you could pause time-because everything in that moment seems perfect. It’s full of currents of up and down—but don’t ever be afraid to ride the wave. They say the hardest part of life is not dying—it’s living. Take care of your lives, your families, your friends, your neighbors. Be kind to yourself and to others. Learn to enjoy each moment. Learn to take risks.

And, remember-a flower does not get the most water from a thunderstorm—it gets the most from a funnel. I hope you when you run—your spirit runs faster than your feet and when you dream—it takes you to the corners of your smile. Goodbye students. And, thank you for the best year ever.

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