homework 3-26-2019

Use the foldable

2. Types of waves 

Read pgs 4-6

Inside flap:
Define : wave, medium, and mechanical wave
Answer questions:
• How does an ocean wave transfer energy across the ocean?
• How are all mechanical waves similar?

In your ISN 

Draw a t chart

compare and contrast a vacuum and medium

Then write a summary using the sentence frames

Waves transfer energy through a medium by…

Waves transfer energy through a vacuum by …

Projects due Tuesday 6-13

We finally made it to the end of the year! Before we finish we still have a few more assignments to work on.

Tuesday students will be presenting their powerpoints on environmental problems and human impact.

We have been working on them in class, as well as a packet  on climate (due monday)

Climate packet: due monday

Project: due tuesday, last ISN check in.