Supplies Pickup Details for tomorrow:

Dear Snow Families,  We hope you are all safe and well!  Teachers have collected and placed all student school belongings in a labeled bag.  Please come to the Snow parking lot at your scheduled time on Tuesday, June 2 to pick up your child’s belongings.  If you have any medication for your child at Snow, our school nurse will be… Read more →

Week of June 1st, 2020

Greeting families! I am sure we are all happy to see nice weather. I hope you are able to enjoy it while staying safe. We have a few important announcements: TOMORROW, JUNE 2 please come to Snow School to pick up any belongings your students may have left behind at school anytime between 11:30-3:30. We will not be holding on… Read more →

Week of May 19th, 2020

Dear families, Thinking of all of you and how hard you are working with your children. Hope all of you are staying safe. Invites have been sent out for Wednesday’s lesson at 1:30. Expect one final packet coming through the mail for the final couple weeks of school. Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything!… Read more →

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