Monday: Art 2:45-3:30

Tuesday: Gym  8:50-9:35

Wednesday: Music 9:40-10:25

Thursday: Enrichment 9:40-10:25   and  Library 10:30-11:00

Friday: Art 2:458-3:30

6 thoughts on “Specials”

  1. Dana saad says:

    Mrs hourani where is the scholastic

    1. I do not understand your question Dana

  2. ARWA says:

    do we have t the theme poster to day or on thursday

  3. Hamzah Omar says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani what we do when we finish witiing about Trump and Clinton who we witigh about nxet. Thank You

    1. Gary Johnson- libertarian party
      Jill Stein- Green Party

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