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  1. Diane says:

    Hello Mrs. Hourani ,, would like to know if your class is allowed to bring electronics tomorrow ?

    1. No, not tomorrow! It will possibly be Friday! I will let the class know tomorrow!

  2. heba says:

    Mrs.Hourani on Tuesday I need to talk to you privately about something

    P.S. I just need advice on something

  3. heba says:

    sorry couldn’t make it..

    1. Aww, missed you today Heba! Love you!

  4. Iman says:

    Hello Mrs,Hourani ,
    how can i get the results fro the NWEA test ?
    If you can email them to me at imanahmad891@gmail.com
    Thank you,

    1. I can print them out and send them home with AbdulReda. Just have him remind me tomorrow.

  5. akram saleh says:

    hi mrs. hourani

    can you post amjad’s video as an example

    1. It is posted under uploaded resources examples. You have to click on the link to view the video.

  6. Mohamed Fadak says:

    TSN – Top 10 NBA Dunk Contest Moments this is my video for my sports caster project

    1. I don’t see a video. You need to send the link to the video.

  7. Dana Berjaoui says:

    I don’t know how to cut the video of its to long.

    1. You just need to be done with your speaking part between 2 and 3 min. Of the video.

  8. Anas Mozip says:

    For the fighting ground when you read the part To read are the answers in order

    1. They may not be in order.

  9. Anas Mozip says:

    if we don’t understand the question can we skip until we come back to school

    The fighting ground questions

    1. You must read carefully and answer all questions before you come back to school on Monday. I will be collecting to grade them on Monday.

  10. Ish says:

    Mrs.hourani r we gna have to draw the penumbra and all that on the eclipses or just the earth moon and sun and where they belong

    1. Just Earth, moon, and sun

  11. Muhammad Sabrah says:

    Mrs. Hourani do we need to make an illustration of high and low tides. Are we taking the test on the computer or on paper?

    1. You will need to know about tides and the test will be on paper.

  12. aseal says:

    hi Mrs.Hourani this is aseal i was looking for the robrick on the blog but i couldn’t find it

    1. It’s on the very front page of the blog. Scroll down until you see it.

  13. The sentence stems are not on the iblog

  14. ashlee says:

    I dont see the directions for the volume quiz
    ps this is ashlee

    1. It’s posted now under uploaded resources

  15. Alaa Alkahali says:

    I belive while read aloud you said we can make connections on the chapter about all downhiil or the chapter about who ever stole the chocolates.

    1. The chocolate part was from the chapter All Downhill from here.

  16. rawan says:

    idk how to go the science study island it won’t work for me what should i do?

    1. You need to come in early tomorrow morning around 8:15 and do it in my classroom on a chrome book


    1. As I stated in class, videos are always under uploaded resources

  18. Alaa Alkahali says:

    Miss Hourani for The story works Essay do we have to do it because I honestly don’t want the book even if I do win it and could I just buy book if you realy want us to compete in this compation P.S THIS IS ALAA:)

    1. This assignment is for homework and not related to the competition.

  19. In study island it said 82509 to round to the nearest thousand so i put 82000 but it said wrong it is 83000i checked in uploaded resource i still don’t get it ????

    1. For the number 82,509 the 2 is in the thousands place and you must always look to the digit to the right to tell the 2 what to do(go up or stay the same). Because the digit to the right is a 5 in the hundreds place and anything 5 or higher rounds up, you should round the 2 in the thousands up to a 3. The digits in front of the thousands stay the same so the 8 stays the same and all digits behind the thousands change to zeros so the 509 all change to zeros. The final answer is 83,000 rounded to the nearest thousand.

  20. Mia Morabito says:

    Mrs. Hourani for the Mystery Science worksheet on the back see how we have to do the picture can we color it after.

  21. Alaa Alkahali says:

    Mrs. Hourani when I went to i learn it was working but it showed I have Mrs. Klein for a course but I didn’t add Mrs. Klein and all of her assignments are for her class only.

    1. You need to choose the main menu and choose my class. You are registered for my class so you should be able to access it if you go to the ilearn main page a choose my class

  22. Alaa Alkahali says:

    Mrs. Hourani while planers and folders time I was at post for safety so I’m not sure if the ilearn assignment is due tomorrow because on ilearn it say that its not due tomorrow p.s this your adoring student Alaa:)

  23. Alaa Alkahali says:

    Mrs. Hourani for the theme chart for wonderstruck will we have to finish it all or only one row P.S this is your adoring student Alaa

    1. Please complete all of the theme chart

  24. Mia Morabito says:

    Mrs. Hourani I can not bring rice for Culture Day, but I will bring Mexican cookies. Is that okay?

  25. Alaa Alkahali says:

    sorry I thought none of that got posted

    1. Please complete all of the theme chart

  26. Alaa Alkahali says:

    Mrs.Hourani is tommorow pajama day also for the green party do we need any blanckets or pillows cause everyone said I should bring cause I have no idea.

    1. Yes, pajamas, blankets, pillow, and stuffed animals is all a good idea! Bring snacks to eat too! And any favorite books!

  27. Mia Morabito says:

    Mrs. Hourani for the Mystery Science I can not find the link on uploaded resources and I need it for a question.

    1. Sorry Mia! I just updated it and put it on the blog. Try it now!

  28. Mia Morabito says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani, I couldn’t make it to school today because I was sick and maybe even tomorrow I won’t come. I’m feeling a whole lot better but not 100% better. For sure I am coming on Thursday because of the volleyball game and because its the last day before spring break.

    1. Ok Mia, get better. Just check the blog and do any homework you feel you can do.

  29. Mia Morabito says:

    Mrs. Hourani I am home right now and I’m not feeling so great. I don’t know if I’m coming tomorrow, I really want to but I don’t know. It all depends on how I feel in the morning . Is it okay if I don’t do my homework I will try but I don”t feel that good. I already did language arts and I will do writing. I promise. I’ll try my homework but I don’t feel good. i will try to come tomorrow for the game but I do not know . but is it okay if I don’t do all of my homework.

    1. Aww, Mia,please don’t worry. Just relax and don’t do any homework. If you don’t feel like school tomorrow just stay home and get better.

  30. Mia Morabito says:

    Mrs. Hourani, for the science test will it be the same one I already took or will it be a different test?

    1. Different, it will be exactly from the studyisland information

  31. Asmah Ahmed says:


    1. Hi Asmah! I had to work today but now I’m finally able to start my summer and I’m so excited! Miss you too! 😘 Have a great summer! Love you!

      1. Zeinab Mourad says:

        hi mrs.hourani.Iwas just asking, are we going to be able to bring electronics for the green party

        1. All information about Green Party is on the front page of the blog

          1. Zeinab Mourad says:

            ms.hourani i was not here during science class,and I am having a hard time doing my science paper

          2. I just posted a link on my blog under uploaded resources where you can go view the entire mystery and then you should be able to complete the worksheet.

  32. Nesreen says:

    Mrs. Hourani You told me to do slide 10 but my slide 10 is protect the ecosystem do u mean slide 9 changes?????

  33. Hiba says:

    where is the mystery science link

    1. Hi Hiba! I just posted it now! Sorry it was late! Check uploaded science resources now on the blog!

  34. Malak says:

    Hello mrs hourani I forgot um what do we write about the circuit again?

    1. Explain how electrical energy moves in the complete circuit and how the energy is not able to move in the incomplete circuit.

  35. malak says:

    hi mrs.Hourani i was wondering for the better worksheet do we draw a picture to explain of do we do it in words?

    1. You can do just words or words with pictures

  36. Laila says:

    ms.hourain you didnt put it on the blog for the test tomorrow’s

    1. OK sorry I just posted it. Check now it should be there now. Thank you for letting me know.

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