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    1. You must go to and then use the code I posted on homework on the blog.

  1. arwa says:

    miss hourani what is a waiver

    1. Your parent must fill it out for you to go on the field trip. Please make sure your mom or dad comes to see me at 8:35 to sign the waiver if you want to go on the field trip.

  2. Asmah Ahmed says:

    Mrs.Hourani can I use one of your flash cards to study for mathothon I don’t have one plz (and I will return it I promise)

    1. Yes, sure! Remind me tomorrow.

  3. Hider says:

    Hello, Mrs. Hourani what do Minutes, Initials, and Total Minutes mean on the march is reading month paper?

    1. Your parent must initial when you read for every 20 minutes. Total minutes read each day is what you’ll put for total minutes(if 20 or more)

  4. Hussein says:

    Mrs.Hourani where are the spelling words?

  5. Hussein says:

    Mrs.Hourani where are the spelling words? Please post them!

    1. On the blog under Spelling words

  6. Adam Hamka says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani. I am just wondering when and where your going to post the YouTube video for our quiz tomorrow. Thanks.

    1. Just posted now in math practice/resources

  7. Hiba says:

    Should we do all of the problem set

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