Daily Homework

All Assignments and Lessons for Reading, Math, and Science are now on ilearn!

Link to ilearn:


All Social Studies assignment/lesson information for 4th and 5th is posted on the front page of the blog.  Links are provided for Kesserouani and Rangel to assist.

All new writing assignments will also be posted in ilearn starting week of 4/27.  Contact Mrs. Klein through email for any questions.

394 thoughts on “Daily Homework”

  1. heba says:

    Mrs. Hourani I forgot what number on factors we are doing please tell me what it is ?

  2. Nancy says:

    Mrs.Hourani I forgot my homework the artical how bad it could be in school

    1. Hi Nancy,
      If you come by school now I can give you the magazine! I will be leaving by 5:15!

  3. ali m says:

    mrs. hourani do we have to fill out “what words are new to you”

    1. Yes, you do! You can simply use the bold yellow words from p. F6-F11

  4. Noble Hawkins says:

    I for got Where do I write the direction for the treasure map?

    1. Anywhere on the poster by your treasure map

  5. ali moussaoui says:

    mrs.hourani isn`t the quick write the same as the summary

    1. No, quick write is different from a summary. Make sure you summarize key ideas and details in your own words about Newtons 2nd Law!

  6. carlee says:

    Mrs Hourani I’m confused on the very front I won’t newton’s 3rd law of motion is there supposed to be one extra page

    1. Yes, you will have one extra page in the book and I will tell you what to do on that page tomorrow.

  7. zack says:

    mrs Hourani this is zack I forgot what the username and password for moby max can u tell me

    1. I gave your mom the username and password today! Please memorize it!

  8. zack says:

    mrs Hourani this is zack my mom put the math worksheet in the SRB page that you gave her but my sister took it out now we forgot what page in the SRB to help us with the math worksheet.


    1. You just may want to use the glossary in the SRB to review the definitions of the shapes.

  9. carlwe says:

    What do we write in the answer part

    1. Write the letters of the names of the shapes that you think are the right names for the shapes. Read the directions at the top of the page carefully!

  10. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Mrs.Hourani I forgot what adjacent sides mean can you please tell me.

    1. Adjacent means sides that connect or touch.

  11. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Hi! Hope you are having a great day. But, Mrs.Hourani , for the science project , can we do 3 videos because Newton has 3 laws , and each video can be less than a minute, and I will be recording myself for each video and for each video I will talk about how the athlete is showing Newton’s 3 laws by doing gymnastics.

  12. Zack says:

    Mrs hourani I wanted to ask I’m doing the sports caster project on a board can I write more details about Then the words force, motion, friction, speed, Gravity, action, reaction, inertia, and mass

  13. Zack says:

    Can I write more details

    1. You can write as many details as you want on the board but I am only grading you on what you talk about. I don’t want you to read from your board or a paper. I expect you to have memorized what you will say about newtons 3 laws and the key vocabulary. You need to use your pictures to be a sport caster. I am grading you just on the requirements of the rubric.

  14. Zack says:

    Can I write a full paper

    1. I’m grading you on how well you talk about newtons 3 laws and forces used in your pictures or video. I do not want you to read from a paper. Pretend you are a sport caster and talk about what is happening in your pictures/video as you point to it.

  15. Hawraa hojeij says:

    Mrs.hourani what if there is no problem and solution

    1. Examples of problems maybe eating too much, what to do with leftovers, the turkey was too small etc…. I’m sure you could pick one of those and be creative to come up with a solution

  16. ali m says:

    mrs.hourani what if the pictures on the board have words?

    1. Words are fine but I’m grading you on how well you talk about newtons 3 laws and the forces used as you explain what is happening in the pictures. You have to pretend you’re a sport caster.

  17. Hawraa hojeij says:

    Do we use partial product or traditional

  18. zack says:

    Can u tell me again what is my username a password for iLearn

    I tried my 20077839 for username and password but it wont work

    1. Your username and password is 20077839. I just tried it and it does work so try again.

  19. zack says:

    hi mrs hourani

    sorrrry for bothering you but i forgott my username and password for MYON.

    can you tell me?

    1. Go to the math practice tab on the blog and you will see directions for Myon.

  20. amjad says:

    Hi Mrs Hourani
    How are you
    I’ve been trying to log into ilearn for the past week I can find your name but, it asks me to put an enrollment key it wouldn’t accept my id number

    1. Enrollment key is 203. Try again and it should work.

  21. ali m says:

    mrs.hourani it’s cloudy I can’t see the moon

    1. If you can’t see it then you must go online and google what the nightly moon phase looks like and view the image online to copy on to your paper.

  22. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani , I hope you are having a great weekend, but I wanted to ask you that for the math worksheet, do we have to use a visual model? Please and Thank you!

    1. Yes, please follow the same steps we did in class which includes the visual model

  23. batule hamka says:

    Mrs. Hourani,
    I was getting ready to do my homework, and I realized I didn’t receive a math worksheet. I do not want my name on the board. Is there anything I can do about it?

    1. Probably the best thing to do is call a friend and see if they can just give you the problems to do over the phone. You can do them on paper instead. I think there were about 6 or 8 problems so it shouldn’t be hard for someone to tell you them on the phone.

  24. Hawraa hojeij says:

    Hi can my mom shaperon in the field trip? Ali m

    1. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to have any chaperones for this field trip, but I will let her chaperone on the next one.

  25. Ava says:

    Dear Mrs.Hourani,
    I don’t know the sentence stem for our foldables.

    1. I emailed you the info about the foldable

  26. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Please answer as quick as you can. Please and thank you.

    1. I emailed you info about the foldable.

  27. zack says:

    Mrs. Hourani it doesnt show disccusion question 3 on ilearn

    1. The assignment for Storyworks and discussion forum for Esperanza Rising is also posted now. I just posted it.

  28. Ava says:

    Mrs.Hourani can you email me the cows horn story

    1. There’s no way for me to do that.

  29. ali m says:

    mrs.Hourani how may boys and girls are in our class

  30. george matta says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani,since the ilearn assignement is graded how can we respond to each other the answers might copyed by by another student?

    1. I will mostly be grading your own individual response but I will check to see it you made a response to someone else. No, two students should be using the exact same words to explain. Write your response first before you look at someone else’s.

  31. mariam says:

    Mrs.Hourani you see for ilearn we cant reply on other students comments because it is graded so?

    1. Write your own response first and that is what I will grade, but I will also check to see that you made one response to another student but do it after you make your own response first.

  32. george matta says:

    Hi Mrs.Hourani, sorry for bothering you but how can we reply to the student’s opinion in ilearn?

    1. Respond to another student by either agreeing or disagreeing and telling them why you agree or disagree.

  33. batule hamka says:

    Mrs. Hourani, I already read Esperanza Rising and know what happened to the money orders. You told me I could respond to two forums but because it is graded, it will not let me. What do I do?

    1. Go ahead and answer the question using what you know from reading the book. I will be the only one to see your response so you won’t be giving the ending to anyone but me.

  34. orjwan says:

    Mrs.Hourani can i start my model or do i have to get approved

  35. mariam says:

    Mrs.Hourani do we have to draw a model on our story problem?

  36. ali m says:

    what T-chart

    1. The T chart was assigned during writers workshop.

  37. Ava says:

    Mrs.Hourani I cannot complete connections and endings for I was not here today. My notebook is at school.

    1. Don’t worry about it. Just tell your mom to come by the class tomorrow and get your notebook and other homework assignments to work on over the weekend. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Love you!

  38. mariam says:

    Hi Mrs.Hourani quick question what did Esperanza’s dad own in mexico?

  39. Hanaa Faraj says:

    for Doc hub (day of the dead ) my username and password wont work. I tried with my old password and with my new one. I tried several times and they will not work.
    P.S It is due tomorrow!

    1. You just need to go into Ilearn and click on day of dead assignment from Ilearn

  40. mariam says:

    Um Mrs.Hourani you see on ilearn it says that you have to write in 5 to 7 sentences is that for question 2 or 3? [for science]

  41. Lama says:

    How are you Mrs. Hourani? Also how many questions do we have to answer again???????

  42. Zack says:

    Mrs Hourani today I left early and I left before you taught café and I don’t under stand about the American revolution which said finish the paragraph, but how will I do it. Do I have to right the paragraph from the answers from the 4 questions

    1. Yes, the questions are posted on the blog that you must include answers for in a 5 to 7 sentence paragraph that summarizes the answers about the American Revolution. Please make sure the paragraph is in your own words, indent the paragraph, and start it off with the following sentence starter. The American Revolution was …….

  43. ali m says:

    really mrs.hourani 4 more packs of paper

    1. Lol, not from you Ali! Thanks for your donation!

  44. rashid says:

    where do we find the steps for the book report

  45. rashid says:

    Also do I have to come for your meeting with mmy mom

  46. rashid says:

    Also do I have to come for your meeting with m
    y mom

  47. Ali A. says:

    when is the The ilearn assignment due

  48. Brooklen says:

    Mrs. Hourani I won’t be here today because of my doctors appointment. I couldn’t reschedule because my mom said it take a long time to get one . I’m sooo sorry I can’t be there. Would the school still be open so I could get my homework.

    1. Thank you Brooklen for letting me know. I totally understand. Please try to stop by sometime by 4:30 today and I will give you your homework.


  49. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Mrs. Hourani , I didn’t get the cause/effect worksheet because I left early. How can I get it done because I don’t want my name to be on the board. Please and thank you. 🙂

    1. See if your mom or sister can come and pick on up after school.

  50. rashid says:

    i forgot my piper for the book report

    1. Just use the requirements posted on the front page of the blog

  51. Lama Ammari says:

    I only have 1’s and 2’s am I on principal’s list?

  52. Brooklen says:

    I didn’t make it to school to grab the homework because my sister is sick again… Really sick, luckily Lama was really kind and she told me she’d tell me how to do the homework and she grabbed two copies of the wrinkle in time so I could read it also. I hope you understand again…

    1. It’s ok. Just do what you can do from what Lama gives you.

  53. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Mrs. Hourani, how about the worksheet for social studies and the cause/effect worksheet? will my name be on the board for thoses 2 things? 🙁

    1. No, you can have extra time to do it.

  54. batule hamka says:

    I accidentally left my storyworks at school. When I went on the website it said I had to sign in. What should I do?

    1. The online password to the site is geer1617
      If you scroll down the page you will see the Killer Smog story and you can read it there.

  55. mariam says:

    Mrs.Hourani for the book report is the introduction us just saying what were going to be talking about or?

    1. It should just have the title and author of the book.

  56. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Mrs. Hourani , can I print out my story problem in color?

  57. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Mrs. Hourani, what was the sentence stem that we have to use for the google drawing?

    1. My story represents the problem because…..

  58. Nancy Hajj Hussein says:

    Mrs.Hourani, I don’t have the earth day paper that says the earth is in my hands. Is there any way I can get it done so my name will not be on the board? 🙁

    1. Try to print any Earth picture off the internet or draw your own on paper to use

  59. orjwan says:

    Mrs.Hourani i forgot what to write in the fingers for the paper that earth in my hands

    1. 10 things you can do to protect the earth

  60. batule hamka says:

    Mrs. Hourani, for the science project, can we show the relationship of two systems with a PICTURE that explains the relationship?

    1. You can use the picture but you must also have a typed explanation of your own to explain the picture.

  61. Lama says:

    Mrs. Hourani sorry to bother you but I had forgotten my science body system rubric at school would you please list the requirements for me

    1. I will post it on the blog next week

  62. Lama says:

    Mrs. Hourani my computer doesn’t allow powerpoint can i present it on my iPad

    1. You will need to do it in google slides and you can present it on a chrome book on the day of the science fair.

  63. christina says:

    Hi Mrs Hourani its Carlee the Ilearn wont let me in to add my prediction

    1. Just go ahead and make your prediction on paper instead.

  64. orjwan says:

    Mrs.Hourani for the math homework is the first row the Y-axis or X-axis

  65. Lama says:

    Mrs.Hourani when is 5th grade graduation again????

  66. ali.m says:

    Mrs.hourani I can’t find the ilearn assignment.

    1. I just posted it right now! Try it again. Thanks

  67. batule hamka says:

    Mrs. Hourani, for our science test on Tuesday, will the questions be multiple choice or will we have to write our response?

  68. Marah says:

    Mrs.Hourani, there wasn’t any inference lessons on Study Island, and I never did it. Should I skip that , see tomorrow what you mean, or can I see that on a Chromebook???
    🤔 😖😫

    1. Yes there is. It is called drawing inferences under the reading for literature section.

  69. Marah says:

    Mrs. Horani,
    Where is the Sadako prediction, I can’t find it.

    Marah Awad

    1. I just posted the Sadako connection assignment

  70. Marah says:

    Mrs. Hourani,
    The session says: Unable to connect to the session. This is not an active session.
    Which means it won’t let me in!!!!

    1. Is this for social studies on studyisland?

  71. Maha says:

    Good afternoon Mrs. Hourani, I was wondering about the sport caster project, Can you just record yourself talking in front of the T.V. and talk so that in the class you won’t need to go up front or either way the whole class will see it? and btw a lot of people ask you questions it took me 7 minutes just to scroll down haha 🙂

    1. Yes, recording yourself in front of a TV is one way you could do your video. Make sure you send it to me when completed.

  72. Marah Awad says:

    Mrs. Hourani do we use partial quotients for the worksheet page??

  73. Marah Awad says:

    I don’t understand question #2 is it ok if I do it tomorrow in class because my mom doesn’t understand it either?
    Marah Awad

  74. Akram Saleh says:

    Hi, Mrs. hourani

    I didn’t know know what to do for the visual model for the last problem .

  75. Marah Awad says:

    Should we use groups to divide and multiply the questions for our math homework? Because some people did it traditionally only.

    1. You must show a visual model

  76. Marah Awad says:

    Mrs. Hourani,
    Did you check my division problem because it doesn’t show?
    Marah Awad

    1. I didn’t check yours yet. Sorry.

  77. Marah Awad says:

    Mrs. Hourani,
    Do we do the E in RACE for our “Night Shift” article?

    Marah Awad

  78. Marah Awad says:

    Do we have to do all of them or just the 5 that you said?

    1. Just do the ones I talked about.

  79. Marah Awad says:

    Also, Mrs.Hourani there’s a message that keeps coming up. Here’s what it says:

    “Network connection lost. (Autosave failed).Make a note of any responses entered on this page in the last few minutes, then try to re-connect.Once the connection has been re-established, your responses should be saved and this message will disappear.”
    What does that mean?

    1. Just wait til tomorrow to take the quiz.

  80. Mrs.hourani i did not get any comments on any of my math problems.

    1. Wait until later and there may be comments.

  81. Hamzah Omar says:

    Hi, Mrs. Hourani i don’t get the google drawing for 6 divided by 4. I can’t show my work

    1. The problem is 4 divided by 6 and yes you can show your work by drawing four of something and splitting each by 6. Try again.

  82. Anas Mozip says:

    what is the problem for the fraction

  83. dana says:

    mrs.hourani I am trying my very best to get a good grade on the study island and I have been on my computer for hours is there anyway I can do it in class plzzz

    1. Yes, you can work on it in class. Also, your mom should be there for the assembly at 1:00. Thank you!

  84. Marah Awad says:

    Mrs. Horani will we have a Valentine’s Day party and if we do when will it be?
    Marah Awad
    P.S. what is the worksheet for math and the Uncle David lesson?

    1. Hi Marah! We miss you! Hope you get better soon. You will be able to make up all of your missed work when you get back. I will be discussing Valentines Day tomorrow. Valentines Day is not until Tuesday so we still have time to discuss what we can do on Tuesday.

  85. Marah Awad says:

    Mrs. Hourani, which part of the blog did you upload the rubric because I can’t find it and what is the rubric about?

    Marah Awad
    P.S.- I’ll be back in school on Monday!

    1. The science project rubric is on the front/home page of the blog

  86. dana says:

    I got you something mrs. hourani it is so cute even though you deserve more love you have a very happy valentines day =)

  87. Akram Saleh says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani for question 5 on i learn for powers of 10 quiz you said this 5. Write the number that is represented by the following expanded form:

    (1* 1000) + (4* 100) + (7* 1)

    you gave us the answer

    did you mean say to right it in in standard form

  88. Akram Saleh says:

    Never Mind i read it wrong


  89. dana says:

    mrs.hourani I wanted to try again for the study island homework but I wont let me and so I wanted to knw if multiplying by multiplies of 10 meant the same thing because that was the one that I could do and it said it was the same because the red arrow was pointing down and it said multiply by multiplies of 10 so I think that they are the same I got a 100 perecent on it would be sad if it was not the same. is it the same as powers of 10 that was for homework plzz answer . thank you so much

    1. The one you did is fine Dana. It just means you had trouble on the 1st powers of 10 lesson so it dropped you down to another lesson that would be better for your level and if you did well on that one it is good.

  90. hadi boussi says:

    mrs hourani i forgot my social study thing in class what should i do!!!!!!

    1. I think it’s not due until Wednesday, but you should check Mrs. Luliano’s Blog and maybe email her to check.

  91. dana saad =) says:

    mrs.hourani for the math ilearn operation quiz for how you need to make 41 can you do 5*8 or not please hurry! and sorry for bothering you love you and thanks so much.

    with love, dana saad

    1. You need to use all the numbers to make 42 and use as many different operations as you can.

  92. dana saad says:

    I cant do the ilearn because I was not here when mr.duering read the story so I have no clue about the story and what it is should I still do it

    thx,dana saad

  93. dana saad says:

    and should we do the mathaton ilearn if you have already did it on Monday and Tuesday. will it be different questions

    1. Yes Dana, you are right. I think you were monitoring at that time. No worries, we will let you read the book during Daily 5 tomorrow and you can do the assignment tomorrow night for homework.

  94. zaid says:

    what website do we go on to study for mstep

    1. There are some MStep links on the Geer Park website or you can find some on the Dearborn Schools blog.

  95. dana saad says:

    for the s.s. homework can I do it on google drawings instead on regular people for the independence tree map. if not it is fine
    sorry for bothering you thank you so much have a good spring break love you

    1. Sorry Dana I really don’t know how to answer that. You really need to email Mrs. Illiano and ask her.

  96. dana saad =) says:

    for the homework can you tell me other than the middle of the diagram do you put differences or facts about the story.

    1. Differences in the outer parts of the circles and similarities in the overlapping parts.

  97. Marah Awad says:

    Mrs. Hourani,
    For our google slides for science, do we have to just name examples or name examples and what’s special about that species?

  98. dana says:

    good night

    1. Aww, that is so nice Dana. I love falafel sandwich and salad. That is my favorite! Thank you so much. Tell your mom thank you for me.

  99. Marah Awad says:

    Hi, Mrs. Hourani
    I miss you already!

    1. Miss u too Marah! Have a great summer!

  100. Nora says:

    Hi Mrs.Hourani I miss you so much I have some mean teachers but a lot of nice teachers but your still my #1 teacher I will try visiting you soon

    Sincerely,Nora Beydoun

    1. Aww, miss you too Nora! Hope to see u soon!

  101. dana saad :) says:

    you always gave me so much confidence everytime i struglle i will think of you and that would give me so much strength. #1 teacher in the whole world

    1. Aww, thanks Dana! So proud of you! I love seeing you after school. I hope you are doing well in middle school. You are such a special girl with a bright future. So glad I got to be part of your life.

  102. maria says:

    Ms . Hourani can my sister can help me by the s.s project

    1. Hi Maria! I missed you today! Hope you had a great first day at Snow!

  103. Talia Soueid says:

    sorry to bother you mrs.hourani but where are the chapter titles for ugly under again?

  104. Mohamed Zreik says:

    mrs hourani if i have a reading log that is full, can i do it on a paper. cause today we were busy at the end of the day and i forgot to tell u. plz reply if u can. btw this is mohamed Zreik

  105. Asmah Ahmed says:

    Ms,hourani you forgot to give me the café work sheet because you had to go to a meeting!!!! :[

    1. You needed to get one from me before you left. Please come in early by 8:15 in the morning to complete it.

  106. Miss.hourine what is the password for the story workes

    1. I posted it under language arts homework.

  107. Asmah Ahmed says:


    1. Please make sure that you always ask for all papers passed out when you come back from safety.

  108. Farah says:

    Mrs. Hourani I have a reading log that is full should I write it down on a paper?

  109. Talia Soueid says:

    Mrs.Hourani my math worksheet ripped is it ok if I write it on a peice of paper or in my notebook.If I cant where can I find the worksheet toprint it out

    1. Writing it on paper is fine

  110. Talia Soueid says:

    do you know what study island quiz’s we have to do?

    1. Everything is explained on the blog

  111. Mariam says:

    What pages did you read in wonderstruk because I have the book and I could do the assignment.

    1. We got through p. 27 today!

  112. Talia Soueid says:

    where does Ben live from Wonderstruck?

  113. Asmah Ahmed says:

    Mrs.Hourani sorry I was not here on Friday I was so sick I couldn’t get up from bed.

    1. Aww, sorry you were sick. Hope you’re better soon.

  114. Talia Soueid says:

    is the google drawing due tommorow or the rough draft?

  115. Talia Soueid says:

    for the decimal google drawing

  116. Asmah Ahmed says:

    Mrs.Hourani in the pages in Eureka do u have to do all of them even though we don’t know them???”:/

    1. Please complete pages listed on the blog

  117. Talia Soueid says:

    i forgot my summary sheet for wonderstruck at school can i work on it in morning work tomorrow.

    1. Please try to come around 8:15 in the morning to work on it

  118. Farah says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani I forgot to get a reading log. Can I write it down on a piece of paper and tomorrow can I get one?

  119. Farah says:

    Mrs. Hourani I have a reading log that is full should I write it down on a piece paper?

  120. Hamzah Omar says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani I’m Hamzah Omar from last year do you remember me I miss you

    1. Yes of course I remember you! I hope you are doing well in school. Come by and see me sometime. Miss you!

  121. Asmah Ahmed says:

    Mrs.Hourani Am I improving! 🙁

    1. Yes sweetheart you are. I am proud of you!

  122. Farah says:

    Mrs.Hourani I wasn’t here for science. Should I do the Ilearn assessment?

    1. Yes, please try it. I will put the link for the mystery you can watch again on the uploaded resources section of my blog.

  123. Asmah Ahmed says:

    Mrs.Hourani can you check my math homework because I don’t think I got the right answers and you can do it if you have time!:)

  124. Asmah Ahmed says:

    And can you help me with it anytime!

    1. Yes, come in about 8:15 and I will work with you on it.

  125. Sunen says:

    I don’t see mystery 2 in the ilearn. All I see is the mystery 2 quiz.

    1. Video is under uploaded resources

  126. Sunen says:

    The assignment, not the video

    1. Sunen says:

      oops @_@

      1. It is the last assignment under science on ilearn. It is called Mystery #2 Quiz for spaceship earth.

  127. Asmah Ahmed says:

    Mrs.Hourani can I bring cupcakes tomarrow. Because my birthday is during break and I wanna do it tomarrow! (Hope you anwser back)

  128. Farah says:

    Mrs. Hourani what were the two problems for the area model again?

    1. They were on the worksheet I gave from the learnzillion lesson. Also, the math workbook page to be completed is on the blog.

  129. Mahdi Jaber says:

    Do you
    Have an email I can contact you on

  130. mariam says:

    when is the learn due for the story works .

  131. mariam says:

    can you please tell me when it is due

  132. Talia Soueid says:

    who is “arise” in Wonderstruck. You asked,”What does arise share with Ben about her life?’Do you mean Rose

  133. Talia Soueid says:

    In i-learn

  134. Mia Morabito says:

    Dear Mrs. Hourani,
    Do I have to bring my backpack tomorrow because we already took everything home, so do I have to bring it tomorrow?

    1. Yes, there will be more to take home tomorrow

  135. Mohamed Zreik says:

    Mrs. Hourani the summer homework you gave to the whole class, do I have to do it still because I am going to Bryant. The papers said they are by Dearborn public schools, so does that apply to all schools?

    1. Yes, the homework is for all Dearborn Public middle schools.

  136. Farah says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani how is your summer? I just have one question for the summer learning book talk the paper that you gave us the boxes to write in ur answer they are too small so can I rewrite the paper on a loose leaf paper?

    1. Hi Faraj, I am having a great summer! Hope your summer is going well too! Yes I think it would be fine if you wrote your answers on paper or typed it out and printed it.

  137. Mohamed Zreik says:

    mrs.hourani, on clever, it says that im in stout( even though im not going there) and does not let me go on mobymax which I have to do for homework in Bryant . It was working earlier though. Can you help?

    1. Sorry Mohamed I’m not sure how to help with that. Probably the best thing to do is have your parent contact Bryant and ask what you should do.

  138. mawada ahmed says:

    Mrs.hourani i forgot to save my acrostic poem because i thout i sended it to you in school sorry

    1. You’ll need to redo it. It’s due tomorrow

  139. Zeinab Mourad says:

    Mrs.Hourani I forgot my learn workbook at school because I was in a hurry after post so can you please send me all of the questions we have to do?Maybe I can write the answers on a piece of paper then I can copy it in my learn workbook tomorrow

  140. Please send me the questions in our learn work book as soon as possible mrs.hourani because after I came back from post i was in a huge hurry, and so were you!! 🙁

    1. Sorry to hear you forgot your book. The only thing I can tell you to do is call a friend to get the problems or come in early in the morning around 8:15 and complete the work.

      1. zeinab mourad says:

        ms .hourani on our chicken brave article do we have to do the your turn part?????????? 🙁

  141. zeinab mourad says:

    ms .hourani on our chicken brave article do we have to do the your turn part?????????? 🙁

    1. Read the blog. It tells you on the blog.

  142. Dana Saad says:

    I miss you soo much!! I have a science teacher that looks exactly like you!

  143. Dana Saad says:

    I miss you so much you are the best teacher ever! your students are very lucky to have such an amazing teacher. your my brothers favorite teacher!! 🙂

  144. Adam says:

    I think you forgot to hand out the end of mystery #3 assignment.

    1. You can come around 8 tomorrow morning and work on it or do it during your recess tomorrow.

  145. Adam says:

    May we do the standard algorithm on the study guide for question one?

    1. No, follow the directions and use a place value chart and words to explain.

  146. Adam says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani! I didn’t see the assignment for “The Man Under The Bridge.”

  147. Adam says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani! I hope your having a great break. I was just wondering when you are going to post the two assignments for “The Family Under The Bridge?”

    1. Probably by tomorrow sometime

  148. mariam says:

    hello this is mariam e I just wanted to say sorry I have not visited lately I have been busy and also I miss u very much .

    1. Hi Mariam, I miss you too. It’s ok, I understand no need to apologize. Hopefully I will see you soon. Love you! 😘

  149. Marwaa says:

    mrs. hourani i might not come to school on tuesday because my dad comes from the airport at 10.30

    1. Ok Marwaa, thank you for letting me know

  150. Mrs.Hourani When is the Concert since wensday is no school?

    1. Not sure yet but please check the blog and do the homework. Thank you

  151. Mrs.Hourani when is the concert since theres no school on wensday

    1. I don’t know at this time. I will let you know when Mrs Srour tells me.

  152. Marwaa says:

    Mrs. Hourani google drawings isnt working what do i do

    1. You must do the assignment on construction paper or the best type of paper you have access to at home. Remember I explained that you shouldn’t do google drawing if you were not that familiar with it. The assignment is due Tuesday

    2. Hussein Moussaoui says:

      Hi Mrs.Hourani! Hoping your having a great evening. But you stop Still didn’t post Rules chapter 5. Please hurry because I need todo before I get a low grade. Thank you, have a great rest of your evening! 😀😀

      1. We will wait and do it tomorrow.

  153. mawada ahmed says:

    Mrs hourani i hade my folder in my bag but then i don’t know where it went can i do it during the first recess or can i come eraly it can be anty hoice.

    1. Yes which ever you choose is fine

  154. Zahraa says:

    Mrs.hourani you never posted Chapter #5 of Rules on ilearn.

  155. Zahraa says:

    Mrs.hourani you never posted rules #5 on ilearn.

    1. We will do it tomorrow instead. I can’t post it tonight.

  156. Zahraa says:

    did you post the study island because it doesn’t appear on my screen.
    -Zahraa Alghazzi

    1. Yes! It’s called Relate Attributes of shapes

  157. Nesreen says:

    Mrs. Hourani did u post the study island assignment cause I don’t see it

  158. Zahraa says:

    ms.hourani what exactly was the homework because I don’t see anything new on the blog.

    1. Reading log and 20 minutes of zearn

  159. Mrs. Hourani Can You Put the study Island assignment cause I am going to Canada tomorrow and I need to do it now cause we wont have a computer there

    1. I just posted the assignment. Look for End of Year Reading Assignment

  160. Layal says:

    Does the project for s.s still have to be done the day we come back?

    1. I will talk with Ms. Kesserouani and post information about it on the blog soon.

  161. Linda says:

    Hey, so i got a chromebook today and about the summery, do we have to write alot for it?

    1. All summaries should give key details from beginning, middle, and end of a story

  162. Zeinab says:

    For the study island, My 4th grade assignments are in my “In Progress” tab. That’ what i’m getting confused about.

    1. If they are in progress section you can click on them from there and continue them. In progress just means you’ve started them but they are not complete yet.

  163. janah t. says:

    Do you have to send a picture of our work or no?

    1. Send me a picture of you doing your work!

  164. layal says:

    do we do both 4th grade math assiments on study island.4th math review or 4th march breack math review. im not sure yet. and also why does it says that some study island are do on june 12 ?

    1. Do both the review and new learning assignments. I extended the deadlines so that all students could do the assignments and no one would be able to say they were closed

  165. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Hi Mrs. Hourani i am trying to do the mystery 4 questions but when i clicked on the link for the questions it said you need to ask for permission.How am i supposed to do the mystery questions.

  166. Mustafa Muharib says:

    I can’t do my mystery homework because when i clicked the link it said i needed permission to view the questions

    1. I just confirmed your access. You should be able to open it now

      1. You can do it now. I just granted you permission

  167. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Ok thank you so much I miss you have a great day

    1. Miss you too! Keep up the good work!

  168. Mustafa Muharib says:

    one more thing sorry Can we just bold and underline the answer because when i try circling it every thing messes up

  169. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani i have done 5 summaries but on Last Friday,Saturday,and Sunday i didn’t do one do i have to redo them

    1. No, just continue on with the new work that I just posted today.

  170. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs hourani i checked for my learn book and i forgot it at school.Should i do the problems on paper or what do i do?

  171. Mustafa Muharib says:

    How do i do the math i forgot my math learn book at school

    1. Yes on paper will be fine. Thank you

  172. Asma says:

    mrs.hourani i didnt do summaries for Friday , Saturday, and sunday

  173. Asma says:

    do i have to do it today

  174. Asma says:

    sorry for asking too many questions, but how many connections do we have to do?

  175. Asma says:

    for the wonder struck

  176. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs hourani for the tone and mood studyisland do we have 1 try

    1. Yes, so please review the lesson carefully before you do the questions

  177. Mustafa Muharib says:

    OK oh and how do i o the problem set if i dont have the problems

    1. If you have your learn book or succeed pages you can do the problems for the lesson on the video with either one.

  178. Mustafa Muharib says:

    for this question 1. What item did Ben reach into his pocket and pull out to show Rose? does it mean at the end what he pulled out or what he gave to her

    1. If you click on each link below the questions in order you should notice what the picture shows that he gives or shows her. You need to read and look at each picture in order

  179. Mustafa Muharib says:

    hi do we have to do the science or is it just a choice

  180. janah t. says:

    each time i go to exact path, I can’t go to the lesson, what do I do?

    1. Not sure what the problem is with that but you could just do studyisland math instead. Also make sure you have done the math in the homework section of the blog using the videos in the math resources section of the blog.

  181. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani what do we do for the science i saw the video but there was no questions do i just have to watch it

    1. Yes the two newest videos you just watch. No questions

  182. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Houran is the homework the same as yesterday because i fineshed all the homework so you didn’t change anything today

  183. Mustafa Muharib says:

    but i am doing studyisland

    1. Yes continue to do studyisland when you are finished. I am changing the work tonight that will last through next week.

  184. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani i will do the story works picture of how would you like to go to school on a notebook and i will send it to you is that ok

  185. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani do you have to do a summary on weekends and sorry for asking to much questions

  186. janah t. says:

    For the reading Scholastics, do you have to make 5 separate treat or 1 treat with 5 examples

  187. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani did you get my story-works treats that i Sent on your email

    1. Yes they were great thank you

  188. Mustafa Muharib says:

    and Mrs Hourani when is the next 5th grade hangout i want to be in it next time.

    1. Yes, look for the invitation coming soon in your email it will be on Monday April 13th

  189. Mustafa Muharib says:

    OK i miss you and the video slide presentation was very nice I Miss you Mrs Hourani.

    1. Miss u too Mustafa! Glad u liked the slide show!

  190. do we have to do summary’s on spring break.

  191. Mustafa Muharib says:

    hi Mrs Hourani when is the invitation for the hangout

    1. I am sending out a new email today to explain new ilearn work I want you to start this week. We will wait and do the google hangout on either Wednesday or Thursday so that I can answer any questions you have about your work. Look for that new email later today.

  192. Hiba says:

    Is the hangout Friday because at 6 pm I have an Arabic school thing with my aunt on google so…

    1. Please read the email I sent yesterday it tells you all about the hangout this week

  193. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani can i send you the math and science on your email I don’t no how to share it on the ilearn

    1. Try putting it into ilearn. When you open up the submission box for either math or science there should be something you can click from the options above the submission box that allows you to upload a picture of something like of your learnbook problems or to copy a link like to a google doc where you did your work. Play around with it and submit for grading then I’ll tell you if it worked. It will be easier for me in ilearn instead of getting so many emails every day.

  194. janah says:

    They’re supposed to be homework for this week, because I can’t see anything new on the homework page

    1. Please read the email I sent yesterday that explains all new work will be in ilearn from now on.

  195. janah says:

    how do i put a picture on ilearn

    1. Above the submission box when you click on it should be options where you can add a link or upload something like a picture from your computer so try that first.

  196. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani I still don’t under stand how to send my pictures inside of an i learn.I Can’t do it.

  197. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani Can I just send You A link to my google docs that has The Pictures of my homework

  198. Mustafa Muharib says:

    ok Thank You and that schedule really helps I miss you.

  199. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani can i print the science 5th Grade- Anchor Phenomenon- Web of Life papers and take pictures of them ,put them on a docs and put the Link on Ilearn

  200. Mustafa Muharib says:

    Mrs Hourani did you get my ilearn science homework?It was a google doc link.

  201. janah t. says:

    Mrs.hourani, I understand the problem set but do I have to do it

    1. You can just do the exit ticket if you are ready

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