Reminders and Weekly Dynamic Distance Learners!

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Announcement: Congratulations to our two dynamic distance learners for this week! Both are working hard to complete all assignments and submitting top quality work!

4th Grader: Asma Alsaidy

5th Grader: Mustafa Muharib


Grading for the 4th Card Marking will be one of 3 types for each area on the report card.

Meeting- For all students completing good quality of work on time for a subject area

Progressing- For students completing some work with some accuracy, but struggling with consistency of work

Limited Participation- Participating in completing assignments is very limited or not at all.

Please remember to complete work for all of your special area classes including gym, music, enrichment, art! All weekly assignments are posted in ilearn in the last section.

Also, you must complete writing assignments for Mrs. Klein that are in the writing section of ilearn.

Finally, for Social Studies you should be using Ms. Rangels google classroom if you are a 4th grader using enrollment code: bnckubf

If you are a 5th grader you should be using Ms. Kesserouani’s google classroom to complete social studies assignments using code: 4sxz235

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