Last week of first grade-a lot of notes, please read!

Hello! We have officially made it to our last week! I can’t promise this will be my last post (a lot of information this week) 🙂 but as always let me know if you have any questions!!

I also want to give a huge thank you to our room mom’s who surprised the class and myself today with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, cupcakes, and ice cream for my birthday. I hope everyone knows how thankful I am of your continued support. I have been in buildings in the past where parental support was very low and it makes the job extra difficult. The support that you continue to give me and Lindbergh does not go unnoticed. Thank you again for everything!

Tomorrow is field day and for first grade it runs from 12:30-3:05. This is the note from Mrs. Dewey who is helping coordinate the event:

Tuesday, June 11th

9:00 – 11:35am 3rd-5th

12:30 – 3:05pm Y5’s-2nd

 Each student needs to bring or wear the following:

  • Athletic wear in the assigned class color if possible

Y5 – K = Yellow

1st = Blue

2nd = Red

3rd = Yellow

4th = Blue

5th = Red

  • Hat, if desired
  • Athletic Shoes (no sandals/boots)
  • Water bottle (labeled)
  • Snack (labeled)
  • Sun Screen applied before school. However, parents/guardians may come up to the school to reapply before your students designated time.

We still need parents to volunteer for stations and to bring watermelon! Those volunteering will receive a lunch sponsored by the PTA.

Please sign up @

The PTA will be serving cheese pizza, watermelon, and pretzels for lunch for the students; however, students are welcome to bring your own lunch instead. Students with lactose allergies should bring their medicine.

Also tomorrow after school the PTA is throwing a retirement celebration. This is their note:

Please join the PTA tomorrow, June 11th, immediately after school to celebrate our amazing  staff members, Mrs. Lorber, Mrs. Bush, and Miss Kim, who will be retiring this school year. We will have some delicious cake and cupcakes donated by parents, Emily Blumenstein and Stacey Krol! We will be located on the black top behind the school where the upper elementary dismisses. See you there!
Friday, June 14: last day of school with dismissal at 11:45. We will also be having our first grade end of year celebration. I sent out the link yesterday through Dojo if you would like to volunteer to send something in for our ice cream party. I’ve posted it here again and thank you if you can help! 🙂

5.5 days left..

Hello! I hope everyone had a great break. Below I have listed some notes. I apologize in advance as you might be getting more than usual communication in these next few days. I appreciate  your help!

Tonight: Last PTA meeting. Time has changed to 7:15PM.
Tomorrow: Fun Fair 6-8:30PM. We still need baked goods and cakes for the Cake Walk! Please send in a donated item with your child tomorrow if you’d like to help out!
Tuesday: Field Day. Use the link to sign up to help.
Friday: last day of school. Half day dismissal at 11:45.

*We will also be having our own class end of the year celebration some time next week. Day TBD. Please look for another post about that coming up shortly!


We’re in the home stretch! Last week was our last full week of school-can you believe it? As always, if you have any questions just let me know.

I began reading tests last week. I will put your child’s final DRA score on the report card that gets sent home at the end of the year. This being said, small group instruction will be minimal until I can complete all of the tests. Please continue to read with your child every night. Reminder: NWEA reading is tomorrow. Please get a good nights sleep tonight!

This week is contractions. A lot of kids had tears this morning because they spelled the words correctly, but without an apostrophe. I reminded them that it is okay to not know something and that is why we practice and come to school. The contractions need an apostrophe in order to be considered correct on Thursday.

  1. didn’t
  2. it’s
  3. he’s
  4. won’t
  5. can’t
  6. let’s
  7. wasn’t
  8. I’m (needs to be capitalized to be correct)
  9. don’t
  10. she’s

We will finish the year with personal narrative writing. The kids started their plan today and the topic was open to anything they wanted to write about that has happened in their lives.

We will continue with geometry this week. Depending on how the week goes, I may give the assessment on Thursday (I’ll keep you posted). If not, it’ll be next week. Reminder that NWEA math is the Tuesday we return from Memorial Day.

Social Studies
We will finish up our geography unit by the end of the week.

The students will compare and contrast two different types of animals this week.

We continue to talk about sharpening the saw this month. Ask your child what they do to help them sharpen their saw.

School Supplies for Next Year-note from the PTA

Our 1st Day School Supply Kits are available for purchase. Please click the link below! Kits will be available to buy until 11:59pm EST on JUNE 30TH, 2019!
All the kits contain exactly what your child will need for his/her grade this fall! All kits will be delivered to the school the first week of school and placed in your child’s classroom. Can you believe that?! A couple clicks of a mouse and you’re already set for back to school!
Please follow this link:
Or go to and search for Lindbergh by entering our zip code 48128.
Click the link for your student’s grade for the 2019-2020 school year to make your purchase!
Questions?  Reach out to Erin McNally and
Dates to Remember
Tuesday, May 21-NWEA reading test
Friday, May 24-no school
Monday, May 27-no school
Tuesday, May 28-NWEA math test


Star Jar PJ/Movie Party-This Friday


As I’m sure many of you heard, the kids filled up our Star Jar this past week! They have voted on a pajama and movie party with a junky snack. On Friday, 5/17 please allow your child to wear appropriate pajamas to school. I am requesting that no slippers be worn for safety reasons. They may bring in a junky snack to eat while we watch a short movie in the afternoon. As always, if you have any questions please let me know!

PS: This is something that I do and not Mrs. Noe, as she does other small activities for her class throughout the year to support good behavior. In the event that people are asking from her class about this, please let them know it is only for Mrs. Miller’s first grade class.


Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I would like to extend my appreciation to everyone who donated their time, money, or otherwise to Teacher Appreciation Week and to my personal gift. To let everyone know (I’m not sure if everyone knows or not?), I received gift cards to Carabba’s Italian Grill, Starbucks, and Diary Queen in a beautiful basket full of sweet treats. I cannot thank everyone enough. 🙂

As always, please let me know if you have any questions for the week.

This week we will continue focusing on comparing and contrasting, plus answering questions on main idea and supporting details. We continue our work on syllables and nouns/verbs. We take our final NWEA reading on Tuesday, May 21.

Pattern: double consonants

  1. bill
  2. litter
  3. add
  4. lesson
  5. pass
  6. butter
  7. mess
  8. ladder
  9. full
  10. fill

We are finishing up some loose ends with opinion and informational writing this week. If we get to it, we will start a new opinion piece by the end of the week.

We continue with module 5. Look for homework this week. Our final NWEA in math will be on Tuesday, May 28.

We will talk about why family members look like one another. This continues with our unit on exterior features of animals.

Social Studies
We will learn about adapting to our environment.

As we learn about sharpening the saw, ask your child what three steps they need to remember to sharpen their saw.

Important Dates
Wednesday, 5/15: late start at 9:35


Hello! I want to thank you in advance for everything that you have done to help participate in Teacher Appreciation Week. I, along with all of the other teachers in the building, truly appreciate all of the parent support we get at Lindbergh. Thank you again!

From the PTA:

Hello Lindbergh Flyers,  May 6th-10th is Teacher Appreciation Week!!!
This is a very exciting week for our students and families to show our staff how amazing they truly are.  The PTA has been working hard to make this a special week.  Below are the 2 links for the sign ups for the luncheon/grab & go breakfast/snack cart and also the parent coverage for the luncheon.  The schedule of events for the classes/students/families is also included.  Thank you in advance to our Lindbergh Families who make these events possible and thank you to our Lindbergh Staff who are beyond exceptional.
 Any questions feel free to contact
 Danielle Lewis Mother V.P. 313-580-8020 or any of our Lindbergh PTA
Monday: Snack Cart
Tuesday: Wear Your Teachers Favorite Color
Wednesday: Wear Your Teachers Favorite Team
Thursday: Luncheon
Friday: Grab & Go Breakfast

PTA Meeting that was originally scheduled for today has been rescheduled for next Tuesday, May 14 at 7PM. 

We continue comparing and contrasting texts this week, but we will transition into fictional articles. We will also continue working on nouns, verbs, and syllables throughout the week for word work.

We are working on opinion writing this week. We will find our opinion on if students should be able to chew gum at school or not and support our writing with compelling reasons.

We are working our way through Module 5. We have purposely skipped Module 4 in order to learn more concepts on different CCSS. We will return to Module 4 after Module 5. The kids brought home three books on Friday: two of their in class books for Modules 1-3 and a new Module 4 & 5 homework book. Please keep the homework book at home just like the previous Succeed book. Make sure you skip through the book and look for the Module 5 page.

This week we will discuss why polar bears are white.

Social Studies
We will learn about the land this week and why changes are made.

We are working on Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw this month. Ask your child which healthy foods they would like to try.

Important Dates
May 6-10: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 15: Late Start


Hello and happy Monday! Thank you to everyone who was able to volunteer for today’s field trip. We had great weather and the kids had so much fun! Here are the notes for the week. If you have any questions, please let me know. 🙂

We continue with nonfiction reading this week. We continue to focus on comparing and contrasting and main idea. We will talk about verbs this week for word work. There will not be a spelling pretest this week due to the field trip. This morning we did take our test from last week and those will be coming home in a few days.

Pattern: -ck

  1. check
  2. pick
  3. truck
  4. sock
  5. black
  6. sick

Sight Words

  1. done
  2. wash
  3. drink

We will link this week’s nonfiction writing to our science unit by discussing external animal features.

We will wrap up module 3 this week with the assessment being on Friday. I will send home a review.

Tuesday we will be completing our experiment on why birds have beaks. This Wednesday, we will have a guest science teacher coming in to teach us about external features of plants.

Social Studies
We will talk about absolute location and relative location, in addition to reviewing a birds eye view for maps.

We continue to discuss habit 6, synergize during the month of April. Ask your child how involving others helps them.

Dates to Remember
Wednesday, 4/24: late start 9:35am
Friday, 4/26: Popcorn Friday (.25/bag, max 4 bags)

Blood Drive-Wednesday 4/24
Reminder from the PTA:

Hello Parents!
Just a reminder that our annual Red Cross Blood Drive is coming up on Wednesday April 24th from 2:30-8:30 PM in our cafeteria!
Find the FB event page here:
No Facebook? No problem! Make your appointment here:
If you’d like to help out that day here’s a Signup genius link as well:
Free Game of Thrones poster with your donation and of course SNACKS!


Hi! Sorry it’s late. Read through for our weekly notes. I hope everyone has a nice long weekend! 🙂

*Important notes for those who need them first: please wear Lindbergh gear or red tomorrow. We have our long awaited Lighthouse Leader in Me review coming from Franklin Covey and we would love everyone to be in spirit wear.

Field Trip: Monday we are heading to the farm. Please dress appropriately for the weather. We will be going rain or shine. Everyone needs to pack a lunch, including chaperones. There is no where to purchase any food or drinks at the farm.

We continue with nonfiction. We are working on compare/contrast and main idea. We also continue to learn about nouns and verbs this week.

We will be completing nonfiction writing after our science lesson tomorrow. The lesson is on why birds have beaks.

Spelling-the test will be on Monday before we leave for the field trip.
“r” controlled vowel

  1. ever
  2. her
  3. first
  4. bird
  5. burn
  6. turn

Sight Words

  1. their
  2. long
  3. cold
  4. hold

We have homework this week and as you know, I have sent home a bag of 20 centimeter cubes for the kids to use to complete their homework. Please make sure those come back to me every day. We use them in class as well and I don’t have enough to keep a set here and at home for you.

Thursday we will be completing an experiment about why birds have beaks. We are focusing on external animal features used for growth and survival.

Social Studies
We will talk about absolute location.

Habit 6, synergize continues to be discussed. Talk with your child about why working together is better.


Hello and welcome back! I hope everyone had a great break. A field trip permission slip and report cards are coming home today. Please look for them in your child’s folder. The signed report card envelope is due back to me by tomorrow and field trip form by next week.

We are switching from fantasy back into nonfiction this week. We are really working on comparing and contrasting various articles. Try to use these vocabulary words at home with every day items to help your child remember the differences. At school we consistently use the following sentence stems to help us remember: “A comparison, the same, is…” and “A contrast, different, is…”


  1. wood
  2. stood
  3. foot
  4. hook
  5. brook
  6. cook

Sight Words

  1. together
  2. always
  3. warm
  4. been

We are working on measuring and data collection this week. Look for homework.

We will start our animal unit this week.

Social Studies
We begin our new unit and start with the idea of absolute location. Please begin working with your child to memorize their full address (zip code is as bonus!).

We will begin Habit 6: Synergize this week. Talk to your child about the benefits of working together at home.

Important Dates
Wednesday, 4/10: spring conferences. You are only attending if I have reached out to you. If you are interested in a conference and have not heard from me, please let me know today and I will get in touch with you directly.

Friday, 4/12: April birthday (Mayal, Tanya, and Amirah) celebration. Please see our page on our blog for specifics.