Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Please read through the weekly notes and let me know if you have any questions. πŸ™‚

We continue with fables this week. I am also completing reading tests during small group time, so I have not been meeting with small groups. Small group time will resume next week, after report cards are due.

This week we had about half get 95%+. Please ask your child if they received different words today. Their spelling tests are in their folder as well, but I do get texts about tests being misplaced. I am really trying not to put anyone’s name on the blog. Thanks for understanding.

First Grade Words
Pattern: -ing

  1. sing
  2. king
  3. wing
  4. spring
  5. swing

Sight Words

  1. eat
  2. think
  3. ride
  4. old
  5. open

95%+ Words
Pattern: /pr/ /tr/ /fr/ /dr/

  1. drum
  2. frying
  3. price
  4. train
  5. track
  6. dream
  7. frame
  8. printing
  9. traps
  10. trim

Sight Words

  1. pick
  2. seven
  3. shall
  4. show
  5. six

We are working on lessons 7-10 this week, with a few quizzes here and there. Please note that I use the quizzes to help me plan my instruction, so they won’t come home right away. I need them to allow me to plan effectively. Also, continue to use the Parent Tip Sheets that I posted at the top of our blog. Remember you can also YouTube any of our lessons to find videos to help as well. πŸ™‚

Social Studies
We will go over our culture projects, which we started today. If your child did not turn his/hers in today, please make sure they have it tomorrow. This is part of their social studies grade on the report card.

We will discuss transparent/opaque/translucent.

Leader in Me
We will talk about Habit 3: Put First Things First and how the kids make this happen at school and home. Also, attached is information about an opportunity for your child to be showcased at school. Please read through the form and let me know if you have any questions. πŸ™‚

FANTASTIC FLYERS info letter and form


Dates to Remember
Half day this Friday, 1/18: dismissal is 11:45

No School on Monday, 1/21: Happy MLK Day

Half day Tuesday, 1/22: dismissal is 11:45
We will also complete NWEA Reading on Tuesday as well

A few weekend notes

Happy Friday! A few notes for the weekend:

  • If your student had the different spelling words this week, then he/she did not take the test today. Ms. Deena unexpectedly did not show up and she gives them the test. By the time she wasn’t here, it was too late for me to give it. I will give it to them on Monday.
  • Culture Homework: Your child is coming home with a large piece of construction paper. We have already labeled it in three sections: special foods, languages, and traditions. There is a small piece of paper with the directions also in their folder. I will repeat them for you below in case it is misplaced.
    • Over the weekend, take some time to discuss with your child their background. We’ve been talking a lot about culture and diversity in class. Now it’s time for your child to understand details from their own culture.

      We got the paper ready in class today. Under each section (language, traditions, and food) have your child show what’s special about your family. They may write words, draw pictures, cut out pictures from magazines, use family photos, etc. However your child would like to represent his/her family is great.

      These are due preferably by Monday (1/14), but if you need an extra day, no later than Tuesday.

      We will go over each child’s poster and I will use their ability to explain the poster as part of their social studies grade. The goal is that they understand the diverse background of all humans as they learn what is special about themselves and their families.

  • Thanks for all that you do and enjoy your weekend! πŸ™‚

Headphones Needed


Many of our friends do not have headphones. Some might have started with them, but they have since broke or some may not have had any at all. I have approximately 10 in the classroom, but that is not enough to cover all of the students who do not have any. We use the Chromebooks as a class frequently and that requires everyone to have headphones. If you could check with your child to see if they have headphones or not, that would be very much appreciated! πŸ™‚ Thanks in advance for your help!

Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope for Heart)-Mr. Harvey

The following information is being provided to you from Mr. Harvey, our physical education teacher. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. πŸ™‚

Dear Lindbergh Flyers Family,

I am very excited to kickoff our Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope for Heart).Β  Information about the event will be passed out to students this week regarding ways to support the American Heart Association (non-profit) with a wonderful fundraiser opportunity to give back and provide assistance for lifesaving research.Β  Additionally, a one page flyer will also be distributed in Arabic for our families regarding the event. You can lead the way by registering and taking the challenge! Here is the link our schools web page to register and more information.Β Thank you for your continued support!

Happy New Year

Hello and welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful break. Thank you to everyone who was able to donate, attend, or participate in the Holiday party. It was so much fun and a big special thank you to our Room Moms for putting on such a great celebration!

This week we will continue with folktales by discussing fables. We will compare and contrast fables, just as we did with fairy tales, and learn about the specific elements that make up fables.

We will move back into opinion writing for the next few weeks. We will continue to work on linking words, capitalization, and punctuation.

Many kids today received different words because they received a 95% or higher. I choose not to put these specific students on the blog, as to not hurt feelings. While we know that learning looks different for all, sometimes kids still get upset when they do not receive the 95% on Monday’s pretest. With that being said, it is really important that you and your student know which words to be practicing throughout the week. If students who receive the different words do not do well on the Friday tests, I will have to stop giving them those special words. Happy practicing!

Pattern: -ellΒ 

  1. tell
  2. spell
  3. sell
  4. shell
  5. bell

Sight Words

  1. but
  2. four
  3. take
  4. ate
  5. find

We made it to Module 2!!! Wahoo! Okay, with that being said, things will look a little different this time around. Mrs. Noe and I have sat down and combined various lessons in order to speed up the process and not repeat when unnecessary. Please make sure you read your child’s homework paper each night. Some nights you might have two homework lessons and others might just be one, but skipping the previous. It’ll depend on the lesson. Additionally, your child is bringing home their Module 1 classroom math book today. There were some pages we skipped and I told the kids they can complete those problems on their own if they would like for fun at home. πŸ™‚ Tonight there is no math homework, but look for some tomorrow.

Social Studies
We will take our family social studies test this week.

We continue to talk about putting first things first by deciding what is important, but not urgent.

January dates to remember

Friday, January 18: 1/2 day
Monday, January 21: no school
Tuesday, January 22: 1/2 day

Happy Holiday Week!

We’re here! The busiest week of the year besides the last week of school. πŸ™‚ Below are some notes. As always, let me know if you need anything!

Book Exchange Book-Due Tomorrow
If you haven’t sent in your book exchange book yet, please do so by tomorrow. Here is a reminder of the guidelines:

  • New and around $5-$7
  • Non-gender specific
  • wrapped with tag attached that was provided (if you lost the tag, just write “To: My Friend From: (child’s name)”
  • Any issues getting a book, just let me know and I will make sure your child has one for the party. πŸ™‚

Holiday Party Friday from 1:30-2:15

  • Holiday clothes are encouraged: red, green, white, reindeer, etc. is always welcome.
  • Check out the Holiday Party Sign Up Genius page at the top if you would like to donate an item.
  • We have made stockings for the party. If you want to send in a small treat for each child’s stocking (similar to our Halloween treat bags) feel free! πŸ™‚

Our math test will be on Thursday. I am not sending home a review for the test, but don’t worry! The kids will do great. We have been reviewing as the days have been going on. The goal is for me to see what the kids have learned throughout the module and if I send home a very specific review, it will take away the authenticity of the assessment. I will see if I can put together a few problems that can help them for homework tomorrow, but either way I have a good feeling about the test. They are progressing so nicely and I am confident will do well.

Fairy tales and comparing various versions.

Social Studies
Finishing up our family unit discussing how school is like family.

We will discuss how having a plan is best. Ask your child why having a plan for the morning is best practice.


Hello! We are counting down the days…:) Important reminders at the top of the page today. Let me know if you have any questions!

Santa Shop
We will shop for the Santa Shop tomorrow. Everything is $2. If you misplaced the paper that went home yesterday, just send in a list of who your child can buy for with the appropriate amount of money. πŸ™‚

Late Start
Late start tomorrow. See you at 9:35.

Holiday Party
Our Holiday Party is next Friday from 1:30-2:15. I will be getting a link from the Room Moms soon to post for help with the party. Book Exchange: Your book is due by next Wednesday. Reminder: $5-$7, gender neutral, wrapped, use the tag provided. If you misplaced your paper, please let me know. πŸ™‚

We will finish up the year by talking about fairy tales and folklores. We continue to practice flipping the sound, reading groups, and Daily 5 rounds.

Pattern: -or

  1. more
  2. torn
  3. shore
  4. fort
  5. store
  6. core

Sight Words

  1. too
  2. of
  3. some
  4. from

We continue to work on informational writing this week. We have been using what we are learning in science about light to write an informational piece in Writer’s Workshop.

After reviewing the end of module test and looking at where we are in the year, I have decided to give the test next week. I will send home a review a few days before the test to help practice at home. We will continue to work slower through the lessons. We will begin our module 2 fresh with the new year.

We will work on learning about light and illumination this week with an experiment using boxes and flashlights.

Social Studies
We continue to talk about family and will discuss the difference between family and school.

We move into Habit 3: Put First Things First. We will talk about our Big Rocks (which we already do every day on our schedule) and think about the Big Rocks in our personal lives.


Book Exchange and Room Mom Note Coming Home Today

Hello and happy Friday!

There are a few items coming home today I wanted to make you aware of. Please see below and have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

Room Mom Note
The Room Moms are sending home a note today to the parents that will be in your child’s folder. Mrs. Khatri dropped them off this afternoon.

Holiday Book Exchange
Each year I do a holiday book exchange during our holiday party with the kids. It’s such a special treat to receive a brand new book. The directions are included in your child’s folder. I will continue to remind you the following:

  1. Books should cost around $5-$7.
  2. Books should be gender neutral. The children will end up with a random book at the end of the game we play, so no “girl only” or “boy only” books please.
  3. Please wrap your book and use the tag provided.
  4. Wrapped books are due Wednesday, December 19.

Tomorrow is the Lindbergh Barnes and Noble fundraiser. If you attend and mention Lindbergh elementary, we get a percentage back to help with school items. The choir is performing starting at 11:30.

Book Bag Books
As I continue to progress monitor reading levels and strategy needs, a few times a year I will completely collect books and redistribute the following day. Today I did that. Nobody will be bringing home their book bags this weekend, but I reminded the kids that that does not mean that they do not have to read. They all assured me they have plenty of books at home and they will read tonight, Saturday, and Sunday. πŸ™‚ Everyone will be getting new books next week when I meet with them in their new groups.