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Course Description:

Students will receive continued instruction in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the analysis of literature.  These activities will expand student knowledge of different communication formats, focus on the writing process, as well as develop reading fluency and comprehension.  Common Core is used to drive instruction.

We will be incorporating technology into our lessons, projects, activities, and assessments. We will regularly email students using their district email. Those students who don’t have access to the internet to check their emails will not be penalized. Parents and students must sign the technology waiver for Dearborn Public Schools and follow the Code of Conduct.


We will follow the district’s assessment calendar. Students will be assessed using the NWEA for reading, language, math, and science three times a school year (September, January, and May). We use the data to inform our instruction and target deficit areas. New this year is a writing assessment, which will be an argumentative piece. Students will be expected to read an article and then use the article to write their response, in September and again in February. Again, the data will be used to inform our instruction. 

Grading Scale:

80% Summative Assessments

20% Formative Assessments



Students and parents have real time access to grades, assignments, comments, and attendance using Parent and Student Connection. Progress reports will be sent home mid-marking period if the student is in danger of failing the class.

Binder Set-up:

Every assignment will have a place in this binder.  There should be no loose papers in backpacks from this class.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure this binder is neat, organized, and with them at all times. We treat the binder as our learning resource.

Sections include:
1.    Grammar Notes
2.    Daily Language Review
3.    Reading Strategies
4.    Writing Strategies
5.   Goals/Data

One thought on “Class Info

  1. I’d like to thank Mr. Hool & Mrs. Ditmar for all the wonderful things they’ve taught me and all the chances they’d given me when I attended their class. It’s crazy how time flies and at any random point during my entry into adult life, I randomly recall very detailed moments we shared together. Looking back at how troubled my childhood was and the benefit of your teachings influenced me today, I extend my utmost gratitude, and hope I can share that gratitude in the future to come. Things haven’t been great although my life in the background has surely been taking off in some way, which requires me only to improve, something you’ve complimented me on, and pushed me to do. There’s so much to say, however so little time.

    I thank you for all you taught me, and hopefully what the rest of our class I anticipate remembers as well.

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