Homebound Program Information


The Board of Education shall provide or arrange for, pursuant to rules of the state Board of Education, individual instruction to students of legal school age who are not able to attend classes because of a physical or emotional handicap.

Applications for individual instruction shall be made by a physician licensed to practice in this state and shall:

 A.certify the nature of the medical handicap;
 B.state the probable duration of the confinement;
 C.request such instruction;
 D.present evidence of the student’s ability to participate in an educational program.

Applications must be approved by the Special Education Department.

The District will provide homebound instruction only for those confinements expected to last at least five (5) days.

The District shall begin the instruction within three (3) days from the date of notification for nonspecial-education students. In the case of students under an I.E.P., the instruction is to begin within fifteen (15) days after notification in order to arrange for a meeting of an I.E.P.C., if necessary.

The program of homebound instruction given each student shall be in accordance with rules of the State Board of Education with such exceptions as may be recommended by the physician. Teachers shall hold a Michigan teaching certificate appropriate for the level of instruction for which the assignment is made or for the type of instruction called for by an I.E.P.C.

The District reserves the right to withhold homebound instruction when:

 A.the instructor’s presence in the place of a student’s confinement presents a hazard to the health of the teacher;
 B.a parent or other adult in authority is not at home with the student during the hours of instruction;
 C.the condition of the student is such as to preclude his/her benefiting from such instruction.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines for implementing the policy.

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