Week of Sept. 9-13

This week we will begin our narrative unit in Language Arts. Students started taking notes on the narrative elements and the plot diagram (pg 5 in student interactive notebook ISN).

Beginning Wednesday Sept. 11, students will begin reading the short story “Raymond’s Run”. Vocabulary Frayer Models were assigned in class on Sept. 10. There are 6 words from the story, and then students choose two more words that they don’t understand from the notes we took (exposition, rising action, conflict etc.)

Once we finish reading the story, we will plot the story events on the plot diagram in the student ISN.

A test for this story will be sometime next week (date to be determined).

Attached you will find the story Raymond’s Run from the textbook. https://my.hrw.com/la_2010/na_lit/student/ebook_gr8/osp/data/u1_raymond_run_toni_se.pdf

Have a WoNdErFuL week!!

Ms. Hojeij

Welcome Back!!!

Hello students and parents! Welcome back to a new school year at Woodworth. My name is Mrs. Hojeij and I will be your Language Arts teacher this year. Please subscribe to my blog to get daily/weekly updates on upcoming assignments, homework, daily agendas, projects, tests, and field trips. If you need to reach me for any reason my email is hojeijz@dearbornschools.org. I am looking forward to an exciting school year filled with enjoyable learning experiences.

Thank You,

Ms. Hojeij