Jul 13 2019

Summer Vacation

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been pretty quiet the past couple of weeks… just been enjoying my time with my family. 🙂 We have been spending a lot of time up in northern MI. LOTS of butterflies up there! There’s milkweed everywhere all along the roadside and you can always find monarchs flying around in it! I took a break from egg hunting but yesterday I went and found 5 eggs. We’re going to go on another hunt on Sunday or Monday to see if we can find more. It’s a very relaxing hobby!

Something else that was kinda cool is that we were up at my parents’ house and a HUGE cecropia moth came to visit! They are crazy awesome! They have fuzzy antennae and bodies and a HUGE wingspan. He filled up my whole hand! I needed both hands to grab him out of the grass so i didn’t get a picture of that… but still so cool! We thought he was unable to fly due to a damaged wing but he took off shortly after I took this photo. 🙂 Nature is so wild…

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