Homework 1/12/15

  • Read Freak the Mighty chapter 23.
  • Write Spelling words in ABC
  • Math Journal page 121 (finish) 
  • Research 3 facts about the Triangular Trade in social studies notebook. 



Homework 1/7

  • Read Freak the Mighty chapter 21
  • Write a summary about chapter 21
  • Cause and Effect (The Dead Zone, Backpack Mean Backaches) and answer questions
  • Read Social Studies Worksheet about the colonies (QUIZ Tomorrow) 
  • Practice on NWEA and PrepDog sites. 

Homework over break

Homework for winter break:

  • Freak the Mighty Pages 72-134 plus a summary each day on reading log. 
  • Division Practice worksheet. and click here for more practice. 

Brochure Project, remember this is out of 100 points. Please be creative and take your time with it. Don’t forget to visit the library to check out a book about the colony. 

Colonial Settlement Brochure

cover page new england inside new england 13-Colonies-Travel-Brochure

Enjoy your break and see you next year! 






Homework 12/16

  • Read Freak the Mighty pg. 44-47
  • Write Spelling words in cursive
  • Social Studies:
  • Write one paragraph why were the Middle colonies called the Breadbasket of Colonial America?
  • Practice 30 minutes on PrepDog or NWEA site.
  • Practice Division Press Here 
  • cursive

Homework 12/1

Today is already December! Time flies like an arrow!

Homework for today:

Read for 30 minutes

Write spelling words in Alphabetical order (ABC)

Math Journal page 81 use your geometry template.

Practice on the NWEA site for 20 minutes.



Homework 11/25

Solar System Report

  • For this break your only homework is the solar system report. This is a huge project. You need to take this report seriously. You also need to give your best effort. 
  • Each group divided the work up. So each student is responsible for a part or two of the report. During this break, you are responsible for  researching information and bringing back the resources that were used. For example, if you used a website make sure you write the name down of the site. 
  • Remember this is only your first draft. Do NOT type anything. 


  • Don’t forget to bring in canned goods for the food drive.
  • Practice on the NWEA and Prep Dog site

Enjoy your break! 

Ms. Haidarah