Honors Assembly and Parade

Here is the information about the honors assembly and parade. An Important Message from Stout Middle School… Dear Families, We hope you are safe and healthy. Due to COVID-19, we will NOT be holding live, in-person Honors Ceremonies this year due to the restrictions on social gatherings over 100 people and the 6ft apart rule […]

Final Week of Online Learning

For our final week, we will continue with engaging with arguments from evidence. There will be new assignments on Monday and Tuesday. They will require students to complete a Google document each day. On Wednesday, there will be a short assessment that will review what students learned about engaging with arguments. The last two days […]

Online Learning Week 6

Hello all. We have only 3 more weeks of school to go. This is another 4 day week. We will begin a new science skill this week called engaging in argument with evidence. It is an important skill that is vital to science and engineering. It will take more than one week to complete this […]

Online learning week 5

Hello everyone. This week we only have 4 days since Friday is a no school day. This week the skill will involving obtaining information from science readings and data. The topic is about volcanoes. There are articles to read as well as interpreting data from charts and graphs. I will only post one video this […]

Week 4 Remote Online Learning

Good morning everyone. Of course, last week’s topic was about asking questions. Being able to ask questions is what drives science. Now once you have asked questions about a problem, how can you go about trying to solve it. This leads to this week’s topic which is computational thinking. This week I will post a […]

Week 3 of Remote Learning

Hello all, and let me start off by saying May the Fourth be with you. The first two weeks of remote online learning focused on heat transfer. We are going to go away from that topic to more general science topics that will enhance the students’ skills in every area of science. The first topic […]

Remote Online Learning Week 2 (April 27-May 1)

We are going to continue working on heat transfer in week 2. On Monday, students will have a reading in which they will need to read and annotate (making connections to the reading as they read it). They will do that on the Google document of the article. On Tuesday, they will be filling out […]

Chromebook check out

Stout will be holding another chromebook check-out on Monday, April 27th from 1:00PM-4:00PM. I am including the link that students will need to fill out before they can check-out a chromebook. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfVmR2af74nP-nrx6JN2e48abKpSGnpcJUFJhblBm33LXum-Q/viewform

Remote Learning continues

Good morning. On Monday of this week, students worked on a reading and had to take notes on an outline. On Tuesday, we held a Google hangout to discuss the notes and the topic of heat transfer. Today they will complete a worksheet based on what we talked about on Tuesday. There will be another […]

Week of April 13th

Hello all, I hope you had a good spring break. I have added one more enriching activity for this week before we start with some new information. It is still on flocabulary. Work a little each day and you should have no problem completing the assignments for the week. I have posted it on Google […]

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