Daily Homework Expectations

Ms. Habhab’s 5th Grade Daily Homework



  • Read on Exact Path/Epic.com/Mobymax for 15-30 minutes.
  • Read from your library books for 15 minutes.
  • Do 1 activity from your 5thGrade Weekly Reading Log in Reading Notebook.
  • Scholastic News-Do 3-2-1 Strategy and ABC brainstorming summary
  • Fill out Reading List daily and turn in on Friday.


  • Do Exact Path Language practice.
  • Add 7 new words to Word Collector daily.
  • Vocabulary Notebook: Find the meaning of the new unknown word.



  • Monday-Pre-Test; Friday-Post-Test
  • Monday-Thursday: Each day choose 1 of the 30 ways to practice your spelling words in your spelling notebook
  • Pre-Test and Post-test: Write each word you got wrong 3 times correctly in your spelling notebook.
  • Cursive handwriting-Write each spelling word 3 times each in cursive. Turn it in on Friday.



  • Math bag
  • NWEA Math RIT score practice( Khan Academy/Exact Path) on dearbornschools.orgwebsite on Clever
  • com online
  • Math-a-thon-Use iLearn to practice your facts in addition/subtraction/multiplication/division


Social Studies:

  • Use your atlas to identify (label) the 50 U.S. states and the continents on your laminated U.S./world maps
  • Read/listen to a social studies book about U.S. history on Epic.com/Mobymax/Google Classroom

Science: Read/listen to a science book on Epic.com/Mobymax/Google classroom about:

  • Structure and Properties of Matter
  • Space Systems
  • Earth Systems-atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, geosphere
  • Ecosystems


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