Keep Plugging Along

For those of you who have been checking in, and working on your assignments, I appreciate it.

You guys are doing a great job!

I haven’t put anything on here in a few days. This is a bit of an apology and a bit of an explanation. Life has been crazy and it changes from day to day. Take care of what is most important first. The rest can fall in line accordingly. If you were ever confused on what is most important in your life (one of the themes of this class), all of you are finding that out everyday. School is important. But is falls where it falls on the priority list for you. So do the work, when you can, at your pace, as best as you see fit.

If you’re still reading this, STOP! Go do something else!

PS Don’t tell them, but I really miss Ronny and Rani giving me s*** in first hour. That’s what I miss. (They won’t see this, because neither of them will read this far.)

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