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Dearborn High Football Players

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Mar• 21•17

The football team came over to read to classes last Friday. These are definitely some of our favorite readers at the school.

Cardboard Boxes and Imagination Part 2

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Mar• 21•17

A few pictures from their day of creating a game.

Field Trip Pictures

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Mar• 20•17

Zayn’s mom sent some pictures from the field trip.

Cardboard Games and Imagination

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Mar• 15•17

Our class is trying to create a game from a cardboard box. We watched this video and discussed some different ideas. On Friday, March 17  we will have some time to work on our games. They may bring in their boxes and other supplies to create their game. We will use their creations for our 4th Grade Camp Day on March 29.

Catch Up for our Days Off

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Mar• 13•17

Spelling Test will be on Friday, March 17 – we use last week’s words

Science Test will be on Thursday, March 16 – same material they have been studying (moon phases and time zones)

Moon Observation Charts can be brought in tomorrow, March 14, and no later than Friday, March 17

Book Fair is still open tomorrow – March 14

Field Trip Tomorrow – Henry Ford Museum

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Mar• 12•17

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Henry Ford Museum. We will be leaving the school around 9:00 a.m. Please remember to bring your bag lunch ( A bag that can be thrown away will work best for the students). There are several parents who are driving their child to the museum. The remaining students are riding on the bus with the teachers. Meet at the school by 9:00 so that we can arrive on time to the museum. (Thank you for offering to drive your child so that we only had to pay for one bus.)They are expecting us at 9:30. I have the tickets for the parents and students.

If you have any questions please email me.

Government Test on Tuesday, March 7

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Mar• 02•17

The test will cover: Federal Government

3 branches – Executive, Legislative, Judicial

checks and balances


balanced power

representative government

political scientist

popular sovereignty – the power of the people


The students have marked the pages in their social studies notebook to study for the test.

Art to Remember

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Mar• 02•17

Attention Parents!


School Fundraiser Information: This semester, our school is participating in a unique fundraising program with Art to Remember that gives you the opportunity to purchase keepsake items with your child’s artwork on them. The best part is that every keepsake order supports our school.


Order forms for Art to Remember will be sent home with students on 3/3/17 and are due back by 3/13/17. To see available keepsake items like coffee mugs, key chains, and necklaces, visit…/keepsake-programs/…/



Exotic Zoo Visits

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Feb• 17•17

Suggested Sites from Students

Written By: Jilrae Greco - Feb• 17•17 – Seasons

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