Holiday Party on Friday

Please dress up in your holiday wear or pajamas for Friday. We are having our party in the afternoon.

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Sneak Peak of Tonight’s Concert

Please make sure you are at Bryant by 6:40. See you there.

Happy Grinch Day!

The Grinches are enjoying their Grinch Day! Thank you for all the Grinchy snacks that were sent in.

Candy Gram Sale

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Candy Gram Sale

The sale will take place during lunch hours on Monday, Dec. 17 through Wednesday,Dec. 19. They will be delivered to the classrooms on Friday, Dec. 21. The cost in $1.00 for each candy cane gram.

Immigration Visitors

Miss Vuichard’s class has had 3 presentations to go along with their immigration papers. Zeinab had her grandmother come in and talk to the class about leaving Lebanon and coming to the U.S. Mahdi brought in his Lego statue that he made of The Statue of Liberty. He made a slide presentation about the statue and the connection to immigration to the U.S. Mohamed Bazzi had his mother come in and talk to the class about immigrating from Lebanon.

Both classes have been asked to bring in someone they wrote about in their paper. You are always welcome to come in and spend some time talking about the story of your family’s immigration.

Book Buddies

We were able to spend some time with our 1st grade buddies. They brought their book boxes to our room to share some of their stories. The 4th graders also read one of their books to them. 

Immigration Test on Monday, Dec. 17

The students have a study guide for the test. They can also go on Flocabulary and use the 2 assignments for review, Migration and Human-Environment Interaction. There are several different options that will help them review for the test. The students are able to sign in with their google id (school log in).



Grinch Day

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Dear Parents:

We will be having a Grinch Day next Friday, Dec 14th!  In honor of seeing the movie, learning about the characters, setting, plot, and comparing and contrasting the movie and text, we thought having a Grinch Day would be the perfect culmination to our learning. We will have a day full of learning and fun centered around “Grinchy activities”.

We would also like to have treats this day. If you have any awesome Grinch snack ideas, we would greatly appreciate any donations.  Please let me know below if you plan to send in a treat for our Grinch day of fun!


Thank you in advance!

The Grinch

The students enjoyed their movie and a Grinch cookie snack in the afternoon. Thank you to Mrs. Fraley for sending in the cookie.

PBIS Turkey Bowling

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