Daily Virtual Trips

Here is a link for some daily virtual trips. Check one out each day. I also attached last week’s trips. These trips are another way to connect with Science and Social Studies topics. Enjoy!

3/23San Diego Zoo3/24The Louvre in France – Egyptian Antiquities3/25The Great Wall of China3/26Boston Children’s Museum3/27Canadian Egg Farm
3/30Guggenheim Museum, New York3/31Live Webcams from the Georgia Aquarium4/1Mars (Google)Mars (NASA)4/2Yellowstone National Park – visit several locations in the park.4/3Hubble Control Center – LobbyHubble Control Center– Operations Room (NASA)

Weekly Work March 30 – April 3

Homework and Announcements for the week:

Math: We will continue our learning of fractions this week. There will be homework every night.

Zearn Lesson: Module 4 Lesson 11

Here is the Learn and Succeed Pages for the week:

03/23 (Lesson 37) Learn: pg 243 #2a-d 

(Lesson 37) Homework: pg 165 #2a-d

03/24 (Lesson 38) pg 249 # a-d

(Lesson 38)Homework: pg 169 #a-d

03/25 (Lesson 39) Learn: pg 253 #1, #2, #3

(Lesson 39)Homework: pg 173 #1, #2, #3

03/26 (Lesson 40) Learn: pg 257 #1 a,b,c and pg 258 # 2, #3 #4

(Lesson 40)Homework: pg 177 #1 and pg 178 #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 (I will send a pdf of the homework for my students with packets, I forgot to print the last page)

03/27 Exit Ticket and then Game Day: Please look on Google Classroom for a variety of games that you can play today! 

Reading: We will have 3 readwork articles a week assigned on Google Classroom. The expectation is to read and answer the questions by the end of the week. All three articles will be posted on Mondays. If you want additional reading sources, please use iReady and Raz Kids. 

Readwork Articles 

  1. Drums or Bust
  2. Penguins Up Close and Personal
  3. The What and Who of Elections

Writing: The writing prompt will be posted on Monday and due on Friday! Also, feel free to make a Google Slide Presentation on a topic you’re interested in or go onto Typing Club. 

Science/Social Studies: This week we are changing the work for science and social studies. We will now be using Scholastic News. The weekly assignments will be put on Google Classroom, one for science and one for social studies. The links are in the assignment, along with any quizzes or games for you to use.

Art/Music: Art assignments will be given through google classroom. 

Steps to Get to the Art Google Classroom

  1. Click:Classroom.google.com 
  2. Press the plus sign in the upper right hand corner.
  3. It will now ask you for a class code, our class code is:
  4. Art assignments will be given twice each week on Tuesday and Thursday.

P.E.: You can download the excel sheet entitled StayAtHomeDailyWork and print off a hard copy or use it online. I ask that every day you do the warm up stretches that you do in p.e. class with me.  Check off the box in correspondence with the date and activity. I have included some optional activities as well, that will keep you active longer. I know many of you don’t have equipment, I will try to post in the coming weeks, videos of throwing and catching and things we were planning on doing.  Do not go play away from the house by yourself.  Much of this can be done at home. Please print the finished sheet, have a parent or guardian sign it, and bring it in with you to school the Monday after Spring Break.  If this break goes longer, I will add additional lines and keep posting. If you do not have a printer, email the document to me: peeches@dearbornschools.orgStayAtHomeDailyWork-3Download

DShines Activities:

Here are the links to this week’s content:

This is the link for the Elementary School Lessons in Englishhttps://dl.orangedox.com/DSHINESESLessonsEnglish

This is the link for the Elementary School Lessons in Arabichttps://dl.orangedox.com/DSHINESESLessonsArabic

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Final Announcement for the Week

Thank you to the students and families that could join us for a Google Meet chat today. It was great seeing and talking to each and everyone of you!

We are planning our next Zoom Chat (yes, we can use Zoom again) for Monday, March 30th at 12:00 p.m. Please download the Zoom App on your computer or phone if you would like to join! I will send out the invitation on Monday. 

Also, please take the Math Exit Ticket, and the Weekly Survey. If you want to take the weekend to finish the assignments, we would greatly appreciate it. 

Weekly To-Do List Check In: https://forms.gle/PabeRZGynQb97ugKA

Math Exit Ticket (It’s also on Google Classroom):

Again, thank you parents for your support during this time. We know it is hard and we are here to support you. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns. 
We hope you have a great weekend! 

The 4th Grade Teachers!

Google Meet Today

Hi Everyone!
We want to meet today at 12:00p.m. The district has suggested that we no longer use Zoom as our meeting place.

Today we are switching to Google Meet. You may need to download the Google Meet app on your computer or phone to participate. We are sorry for the sudden change.

Click on the link below to join:

Meeting URL: https://meet.google.com/san-uqjj-osy
Phone: ‪+1 541-702-7590‬ PIN: ‪727 977 403#‬

Thank you for understanding!

4th Grade Teachers

Weekly Checklist

Weekly To Do List Check In (March 23rd to March 27th)
Parents and Students!

Please complete the survey below together. This survey is our way for the 4th Grade Teachers to check in on our families during online learning. It also serves as a check list of assignments that should have been completed by today. If you did not complete the assignments, then please take the time over the weekend to complete them before Monday.

Thank you parents and students for all your hard work this week!

Complete Weekly To-Do List Check In: https://forms.gle/PabeRZGynQb97ugKA

Friday Math and Exit Ticket

Happy Friday!

The Exit Ticket is at the bottom of this message. Please take it after doing today’s homework.

Here are the videos for today’s lesson:

After watching the videos, please complete:
03/27 (Lesson 36) Learn: pg 237 # 3a-b and pg 238 #4 a-b, #5 #6 (Watch the first video and do the pages with me)

(Lesson 36) Homework: pg 161 # 3a-b and pg 162 #4 a-b, #5 #6 (Check your answers with the second video)

Finished the Homework? Click here to take the Exit Ticket: https://forms.gle/LTCtt41FrvizeVcaA

Reminders and Shout Outs

We are almost done with our second week of online learning! I just wanted to let you know how we did on our Readworks articles last week.

Carlsbad Caverns – 26 out of 29 students 90%

New Kind of Library – 24 out of 29 students 83%

Physics of Soccer 25 out of 29 students 86%

Let’s try to beat those percentages this week. I know you can do it!

Keep up the Daily Math Homework and Math Exit Ticket – Take it Tomorrow!

Zoom Chat tomorrow at Noon! You will answer this question during our Zoom Chat: “If you could leave home right now, and choose anywhere in the world to go, where would you pick?”

I miss all of you! Keep up all the great work. I’ll see you tomorrow.

New Kahoot Challenges

Click the link below to show what you know about the Branches of Government.


Specific Kahoot for each class.

Greco’s class – The Sisters Grimm


Cronin’s Class – Sideways Stories from Wayside School


Vuichard’s Class – Front Desk