Busy Week

We had readers in for March is Reading month (DHS and Bryant) and the Rain Forest assembly. Mr. Thorpe, a member of the Dearborn School Board, also read to our class on Wednesday. Report cards are coming home today. Have a great weekend.


Class Book

The students have worked hard to create a classroom fantasy book. They are almost done with their stories and illustrations. On Monday I sent home a form if you wanted to buy a copy of the book. I have only received 3 forms back. Even if you don’t want the book I need you to check no and sign the form. This is the only way we can print your child’s story in our book. Please turn the slips in by Monday so that we can have our book printed.

The Week Ahead

Spelling Words – suffixes

honestly, friendless, government, beginning, sympathy, penniless, clearly, enjoyment, accomplishment, generous

Content Area Words:

Bill of Rights, citizens, responsibilities, freedom, elections

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March is Reading Month – If you would like to come in and share a book with the class, please contact me. The students look forward to having guest readers.

Thursday – Field Trip

Michigan Science Center

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Please make sure your child brings a lunch with a drink (not glass). It works well if they bring it in a disposable bag, so they don’t hae to carry their lunch bag with them.

Friday – Image result for poetry

The students are sharing their poems that they memorized with the class. Make sure they practice and use a clear, strong voice.


Poetry Presentation

The students have a poem that they need to memorize. They picked out their poem over a week ago. Their presentation to the class will be on Friday, March 9. For their grade they need to make sure they use a loud, clear voice and use expression. Some students wanted to bring in props or wear an outfit to go with their poem. That is not necessary but they are welcome to do that if they want to. The grade is based on the vocal presentation.

Visit to the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra

“My favorite song was “Star Wars.” – Amina Sayed

“I like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony,” stated Adam Mansour.

“I enjoyed the Grandpa song, ” Sienna said.

Pauly stated, “I liked the different instruments in the symphony.”

Maraki expressed, “I enjoyed the song about the river.”

Fatima and Natalie agreed, “It was a new experience for both of us seeing the symphony playing their instruments.”

“I like that Mr. Walters showed us the different instruments, like the oboe,” exclaimed Diyar.

“Our favorite instrument was the violin,” stated Ellie and Fatme.

Valentine’s Day

Image result for heartThe students have been told that they are welcome to bring in cards and a treat, if they want to, for Valentine’s Day. We will make a bag so that each student can put their goodies in something. Our class will also play BINGO, have a donut, and fruit as a treat. Most of the students have their cards ready but just in case they don’t – we have 25 students. They do not need to put individual names on them. It usually goes faster if they don’t write out all the names, but just in case here is the list.








Hassan B.

Hassan D.