Activities for home

Hello students and Dearborn Family! I sure miss you! I hope all of you are having fun and enjoying your time with family. There are several things that can be done while your child is at home. If your child is able, start with tasks that will be consistent each day such as chores! (setting the table, matching socks, sorting the mail)

Literacy: What is it and how can we improve it?

Literacy refers to any reading or writing skills. Click here for more information on what literacy is and what you can do improve these skills in your children. Following these tips on how to read with your children to increase your child’s speech and language skills!

Image result for sunWith spring right around the corner, check out some spring-themed activities/ideas posted under “Speech Worksheets!” ———>


Ideas to Make Reading Fun!

Literacy activities are much more than just reading. Children are more likely to develop skills when they are having fun. Activities can be matched with books to extend learning in hands-on ways that focus specific learning skills.

While there are many great children’s books, here are five, fun activities to enjoy while reading with your child. Try these ideas to expand your child’s interest in books!

Check out the Family Book Sheets for more helpful tips about ideas and questions to ask the children before, during, and after reading a book. ——–>