10/20 Updates

Whitemore-Bolles put together a virtual open house presentation for our students and families. The link to that is here


Also, all in-person virtual learning labs have been cancelled for the week of 10/19-10/23. I will let you know if that suspension continues or will be over after this week.

Lastly, the grading period will be ending next week Friday. If your students are missing assignments I will stop accepting late work on Wednesday, October 28th.

Thank you!!

Progress Reports & NWEA Scores

Hello Everyone!

I am currently working on getting progress reports and NWEA scores sent to your emails. I apologize for the delay, there are a lot of extra steps involved in creating them this year. Please note a few things.

All of the progress reports will have a few features. The current Mark (1, 2, 3, OR 4) as well as the % in that class. It will also show you missing assignments listed in that category. Please understand, the missing assignments are not currently affecting the grade for that class. If it does not get turned in, the grade will be put in as a 4 and it will drop the scores in that class.

You will see a few things on the progress report with 0%. The reading level and math level will be left blank and will be filled with NWEA scores when the report cards come out.

Life skills and technology will eventually be put in, but it is not currently something I have filled out.

If your student has a low % but no missing assignments, you can go back through the grade book and see where the scores are lower. I have allowed students to make up work that they are missing or did not complete. I will continue to allow this. However, please don’t have them wait until the last second to return their scores. The marking period ends this month.

You should expect to see these progress reports and NWEA scores in your email this weekend. I’ll be available starting Monday if you have any questions. Thank you.


Scholastic Books 📚

Hey families!!

I was making a classroom order for books and I realized this was one of my favorite parts about elementary school. I loved grabbing the scholastic flyers, circling the books I loved, and begging my parents to get me everything on the list.

Sometimes, if I was lucky, I’d have a book order waiting for me. 🙂

If you were interested in buying books for home, I recommend heading to scholastic and going through our class order.

During the COVID-19 crisis, you can choose to have your child’s online book order shipped right to your door or delivered to me with our class order.

All orders earn FREE Books for our class—thank you for your support!

If you are looking for a recommendation, I’d look at the one and only Ivan. I read it personally last year and loved it. It’s also a new movie on Disney they can watch when they finished.

Class Order Due Date: 10/23/2020

Connect to Our Class Page: https://orders.scholastic.com/XMJJN

Shop the flyers for your child’s grade together: https://editions.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=670607

Please feel free to forward the Class Page link to extended family and friends who may want to support your child’s reading.

Ms. Frizzell

Class Code: XMJJN

Progress bar

Hello 👋

I’ve added a students progress bar to Schoology. This will show students and parents how much of the assignments are done and what is needed to be completed still. It will be marked completed as soon as an assignment is submitted. Remarks and grades for those assignments will be in the grade book (also in schoology) I hope this clears up some questions!

In progress means in has not been submitted. The green check marks are completed assignments. It’s okay if the student isn’t at 100% completion at all times because tasks are added daily for independent work. However it’s important to keep up with our independent work so we don’t fall behind. An ideal range would be 80% or more completed.

please let me know if you have any questions.

New Video Post

Check out the new video post on the right sidebar. This video is something quick i made to explain how to download and complete math assignments on the computer. This great tool will eliminate the need to take picture of our work. Let me know if you have any questions.

Friday 9/25/2020

Students and Parents,

Wow, I can’t believe the week has come and gone already. The students learned a lot this week. We continued on our review and routines within the ELA benchmark series. Students reviewed word work/phonics/and grammar. They also started to make assumptions, ask, and answer questions about the stories they are reading. We had a few independent work assignments the students should have completed. Those are:

  • Making Connections Chart Assignment
  • Writing about Text Connections
  • Day 10 Review & Routines Exit Ticket
  • Adjective Suffixes Discussion
  • Marching from Selma Predictions

In math, we worked through lessons that focused on exponents and the power of 10, metric conversions, naming decimal fractions in different forms, and comparing decimal fractions together. I created a place value chart that covers most of these lessons and I urge them to use it for their assignments to help them visualize the numbers and easily compare them. The independent work assignments we had in math were:

  • Lesson 4 Exit Ticket
  • Lesson 5 Problem Set Assignment
  • Lesson 5 Exit Ticket Assignment
  • Lesson 6 Problem Set Assignment
  • Mod 1 Lesson 6 Exit Ticket

Please note that going forward, I will no longer allow picture submissions of work. Many times they are difficult to read, and it’s not fair to the students or families who do not have the means to send photos. For now, I will enable posts to allow them to copy their answers in the text. I am looking for easier ways to submit math in the future. 

In science, we talked about chemical reactions. We completed a module where we discussed if magic potions are real. This included an experiment I conducted and made into a PowerPoint for the students. The link to the assignment and experiment is in the science folder if anyone wants to try this at home. The assignments we completed for science this week were:

  • Are Magic Potions Real? – Discussion Questions
  • Week 1 Science Exit Ticket

In social studies, we completed our lesson titled “Why do we have a government?”. We talked about what would happen if schools, communities, or countries had no laws or consequences. We also talked about the constitution and how and why laws are created. The 5th-grade class gave ideas on what kind of rights they needed to be protected as a learner. After discussion, we created rules for our class constitution and passed it with a 2/3rds Majority. Our constitution is linked to our social studies resource page. The assignments we completed this week were:

  • Creating The Classroom Constitution Discussion
  • S.S. Lesson 1 Exit Ticket

Students also completed their NWEA for math and reading. Next week I will be setting up appointments with every student to complete their DRA. The DRA is a quick one-on-one reading assessment that allows me to see the individual students reading level. This helps me pick appropriate books and give out any support needed. 

Please stay tuned for more information and let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

Ms. Frizzell


Hello All!

My name is Ms. Frizzell and I am your students’ permanent 5th-grade teacher for the 20-21 school year. I am excited to be with the 5th graders (the best grade shhhh) and to be here at Whitmore-Bolles.

Due to starting out the year virtual and all the changes that surround us currently, I hurried to start this blog to keep parents and students up to date on everything going on within the classroom. It is very important that the students are on daily, on zoom at the synchronous time, are participating, and turning in work.

I will be posting resources daily that will help the students with their independent work, even when I am no longer in for the day. You’ll find math videos in the daily folders, anchor charts, and anything else I find will be useful to your 5th graders.

I look forward to a great year at Whitmore-Bolles! Keep on the lookout for posts on this blog for classroom updates. Parents and students can email me through Schoology or at frizzeb@dearbornschools.org if you have any questions.

Stay healthy and safe.

Ms. Frizzell