Thursday, September 12, 2019

Content Objectives:

Students will demonstrate application of mechanical equilibrium concepts by completing a jigsaw foldable. 

Language Objectives:

Students will read and write to answer questions related to mechanical equilibrium using complete sentences on a jigsaw foldable.

Jigsaw Foldable Version A

Jigsaw Foldable Version B

Bell Work:

In the measurement investigation lab about mass and length using wooden rods,

1. Where was theroom for error during the lab? (answer in complete sentence)

2.What are some challenges and success that you had?(answer in complete sentence)

Exit Ticket:

1. What is a force?

2. What is mechanical equilibrium?


Due Friday- 8 mini vocabulary tree maps. Study these words for Friday quiz.

  1. Force

2. Net Force

3. Vector

.4. Vector Quantity

5. Scalar Quantity

6. Mechanical Equilibrium

7. Support Force (Normal Force)

8. Equilibrium Rule

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