Hello all,

At this time, you should have received an email from Dr. Maleyko concerning the rest of the school year. Please read through that and email me if you have any questions about any part of it.

Starting Sunday 4/19, we will be using Khan Academy significantly more and covering topics from the first semester primarily to help everyone be as prepared as possible for taking Geometry next year. There will be required Google Meets and I have a Google Form to see which times work best for us. According to the plan Dr. Maleyko sent out, Mondays and Wednesdays you will meet with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hour classes; Tuesdays and Thursdays you will meet with your 4th, 5th, and 6th hour classes. The first meeting (Mon/Tues) will be required to check in, the second meeting (Wed/Thurs) will be optional, but both will be considered “office hours” where you can come in and ask questions about any of the work we are doing that week or the previous week.

Again, please read through the email and email me if you have any further questions.

Stay safe and healthy!

Hello all,

I have gone through and been replying to your answers to the “5 things for 11-3” assignment. I would like everyone who has already posted to respond to my comments thoughtfully and keep an eye on your post if I comment and/or grade them.

For those of you who have not yet posted the 5 things you learned in ANY lesson, please go back to those lessons and do so, then I will comment on them and expect responses to my comments.

Thank you all! Stay safe!


If you haven’t already, please see my update on the Google Classroom (code is no3kk2q) and complete the survey from your third hour teacher as soon as you can.

Thank you all!

Go on and conquer!

Hello all,

I’ve gotten some questions on how to find the standard deviation of a data set and so I’ve made a video on just that. I encourage all of you to watch this to FULLY understand what standard deviation is and how to compute it.

I will also make a new assignment where I will ask you to think about the formula and justify why it is the way it is. I encourage everyone to try it out, especially those of you who are trying to earn the honors credit for this class!

The video is posted on my Google Calendar, go there and check it out!

Hello all,

I am getting some questions regarding the work we are doing while the buildings are shut down. I want to point you to two places to read more about what is happening.

This article detailing Governor Whitmer’s plan so far: https://www.bridgemi.com/talent-education/whitmer-end-michigan-school-year-seniors-graduate-others-move

This post from Superintendent Maleyko: https://superintendent.dearbornschools.org/2020/03/31/statement-regarding-possible-school-closure-for-the-remainder-of-the-2019-20-school-year-students1stdbnschs/

As of now, I don’t have any concrete answers because (1) Governor Whitmer has not officially announced the full plan and (2) the administration for Dearborn Public Schools are waiting for her full plan to be announced to make any official decision.

As soon as I have more information, I will update you all as well.

As always, please continue to work through this week’s lesson at a good pace.

Keep on staying safe everyone!

Hello all,

I’m seeing that some of us are turning in our work at this time, and if you are that’s great! Remember the assignments are due tonight at 11:59pm. I am using the same grading scale from last week.

Please remember also to respond to my comments on your “5 Things” post!

I love you all and hope you are doing well!

Hello all,


I think that most of us have heard/read/seen about Governor Whitmer’s order to stay at home to stop the spread of COVID-19. Please, if you are not already, stay at home. Only go out if necessary. We WILL stop the spread only if we ALL comply with Whitmer’s order. She mentioned that the virus (just like many viruses) grows exponentially, and we learned how quickly exponential growth can get to be incredibly large.

I like her quote: “tough times don’t last, tough people do”. We are tough and this will pass.

In the meantime, spend time with your family, take care of your self physically and mentally, and make the most of this time as you can.

The school send out these supports today that I would like you to take advantage of.



We still are continuing on with our work on EnVision and here. The point to all of this is to be able to submit evidence that we were learning and teaching when schools were closed. We hope that this will allow us to NOT have school in June or July to make up these days.

There are still many of our students who have not logged on to Google Classroom or EnVision and are not doing their work like you are. If you know of anyone who has not done these things, please text/call them and let them know what we are doing. I do not want them to be behind. I understand that there are many issues that can inhibit someone from being able to log on, but I urge you still to contact them and help them out if possible.

Thank you all for everything you are doing to (1) complete this work, but (2) and more importantly, keep yourselves and our state healthy.

I love you all and hope you are doing well.

Hello all,

Grades are being updated today!

You still have till the end of today to submit anything you haven’t already, so grades can change throughout the day if I see more being turned in.

On the “5 Things 11-1” assignment, here is how grading has gone so far:
0/10 means no post whatsoever.
5/10 means you posted, but did not respond to my comments.
6/10 to 9/10 means you posted, responded to my comments thoughtfully, but at least one thing was off and I commented again asking you to fix it/think more about it/look up more information on it.
10/10 means you posted and responded to my comments with a thoughtful response that was correct and did everything I asked of you.

On the Lesson Quiz + Remediation, I am taking into consideration both the score on the lesson quiz AND on the “Additional Practice for 11-1 Lesson Quiz”. Both of those items are your evidence of learning AND improvement throughout the week. However, if you did not complete the additional practice, your score is 100% based off your lesson quiz.

For those of you who have not submitted anything and are scrambling to finish it all before the deadline today, I imagine that is quite stressful for you. You should start your work on 11-2 tomorrow (Monday 3/23) and portion your work throughout the entire week instead of leaving it all until the end. That way it will be less stressful overall.

Go on and conquer!

Hello all,

I see more of us are posting our questions about 11-1 and are writing about 5 things we learned. At this point I believe I have commented on everyone’s 5 things if you’ve submitted it. I’d like you to respond thoughtfully to my comments to ensure that we are understanding the lesson as well as we can.

I also see that some of us have already completed the Lesson Quiz on the EnVision website, and I want to remind everyone that it is due on Sunday at 11:59pm. In addition to the quiz, there will also be a remediation activity that will be automatically assigned to you after finishing the quiz, you must complete that as well. It’s purpose is to help you fill in some of the gaps you may have when going through the lesson before the quiz.

I do want to say that you should take your time on the quiz and you should take it only when you feel confident that you will do as well as you can. However, I am always more concerned with your improvement through the week than I am concerned with one quiz grade, and the remediation activity is another way to show that you are improving.

Keep up the good work!

Go on and conquer!

Hello all,

Few updates for the day:

As of about 1:00 pm today, I see that about 30 of us have answered the question about 5 things you learned this week. I do need everyone to answer that question by Saturday night. I am going to be responding to your posts and I would like you to respond back with a thoughtful answer. The point of this is to ensure that we are not passively reading and rewriting what we’ve read, but instead are thinking about what we are reading and seeing in the examples from 11-1 and understanding the information from the book.

I will be updating grades on here throughout the week and then posting them to MiStar over each weekend so we can see our overall grade for the semester.

As always, please go to the question I posted “what questions do we have about 11-1?” and read through any of the questions already asked there. If you have a question about 11-1 and do not see that anyone has already asked it, post the question you have and I will respond as soon as I am able.

Any other questions, especially about navigating the website or how to find this or that, feel free to email me!

Go on and conquer!