I am getting kicked out of Zoom. Please leave the meeting if I am not there.



I have been kicked out of Zoom. I’m trying to go back in. Please be patient and sign in frequently.


Technical difficulties

Good morning friends,

I hope you had a restful Thursday.

unfortunately my Schoology isn’t cooperating with me this morning. I can not join you on Zoom. I will try again and again as soon as it is up and running I will post an update so you can join me.

For the time being, I have sent back class work that needs to be worked on . Please check your assignments and read my comments and resubmit.
Thank you!

Hello friends,

Power is off for many students and that is why they were not on the Zoom meeting. For the time being please read and be patient. Everything will be ok.

For those who did not complete yesterday’s assignemnt please do so.


We will try to log back on Zoom after lunch at 12:25.

Technical difficulties

Good morning.

I’m currently having technical difficulties with Schoology along with many students. Please be patient, and parents you may call the Help Desk at 827-3003

Thank you for being patient during this difficult time.

Important Attendance Information

Hello Friends and Parents,

 It is a journey no one expected to go through but we will definitely make it!

I would like to inform you that in the afternoon, which is known as Independent Study and or Learning labs, students will have assignments  to be completed and turned in by 3:50 p.m. the same day. This will be considered as attendance and student engagement per the district. Teachers will be marking it on Mistar. In other words, PLEASE COMPLETE ALL WORK GIVEN DURING INDEPENDENT STUDY BY 3:50 P.M and if you are signed up for Learning Labs or Zoom in the afternoon be present and ready to learn. 

4thGrade Team

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