May 22


Math: Lesson 10 and Lesson 11 comparing fractions

Reading: Read 30 minutes

Spelling: Study words

We will finish Math NWEA tomorrow morning!

Return boat trip money and permission slip.

May 20

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events: 

Monday, May 20-  Reading NWEA

Wednesday, May 22- Math NWEA

Friday, May 24 and Monday, May 27 NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, May 28 Language NWEA

Wednesday, May 29 Science Test

Thursday, May 30 Mid Module 5 Test

May 13

Weekly Focus

Late Start on Wednesday! School starts at 9:35 am

Social Studies Test Friday. Students will get a study guide on Wednesday. 

NWEA starts this week. Students will be taking the Science NWEA on Wednesday morning. 

May 13


Math: p.5-6 fractional parts; sign and return test tomorrow

Social Studies: Three Branches of Government chart

Spelling: Finish 3 times each

Reading: Read 30 minutes