Weekly Focus

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I hope everyone had a great weekend. We have a full fun week ahead of us. This week’s focus is:

Math:  We are learning to measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects.  We will Develop estimation strategies by reasoning about the weight in kilograms using a digital scale and pan scale.

Science:. Our focus question this week will be: Focus Questions:

How can you improve the design of your cart and how does start position affect how a cart rolls?

Social Studies: Students will understand how Michigan has a representative government by explaining how a representative government works. Students will also learn to understand the difference between the roles of state and local government.

Reading: Students will learn how to determine the  meaning of unknown words in a text. They will use context clues to choose the correct meaning of the word. Students will also learn how to determine the meaning of literal and non-literal language and identify the meaning of an idiom

Writing: We will write an opinion piece on a topic with supporting reasons by choosing a topic they feel strongly about.

Spelling for this week: Week 10  Multisyllabic v/cv

music, basic,honor,tiger,olive,cabin,habit, behind, rewind, alive, words, weight,travels, local,reasons

Weekly Focus

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Here is the Focus for the week:

Math: We will continue measuring time to the nearest minute and then move into measuring liquid volumes and masses of objects.

Science: We will use our measurement and data skills from math to measure the distances carts will travel based on different designs. Students will try to create a cart that will travel the greatest distance.

Social Studies: We will begin the unit on government to prepare students for the field trip in February. This week they will learn how a representative government works.

Reading: We will be asking and answering questions about fiction stories by supporting answers with key details from the text.

Writing: We will begin our next unit on opinion writing. This week we will study some student samples and learn the elements of good opinion writing.