Homework February 25

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Finish math pages p. 113, 115, 116 from Math Learn Book.

Do p. 251-252 lesson 19.

Tomorrow is our Field Trip. Please have your child wear their Miller Shirt. We will be having lunch very early tomorrow, therefore, I am asking students to bring a sandwich that they can eat after we return from our trip.

Weekly Focus

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Hello families! I hope everyone had a restful break !  This week we will be visiting the Detroit Orchestra. If you did not turn in the green permission slip please send it to school . WIDA testing will also begin this week. Please remind students to take their time and show what they know. Here is our focus for the week:

Reading: We will be practicing how to recount stories and determine the central message.

Writing: We will continue to create our drafts for our informational books.

Math: We are learning to solve two-step word problems using the four operations.

Science: We will identify the impact of weather related hazards by listing causes and effects of wildfires.

Social Studies: We will begin our next unit on the History of Michigan and examine how Native Americans and settlers adapted their environments.

Spelling: Homophones
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Homework February 11

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Math Lesson 16 p.237-238

Study for social studies test. The test will be on Thursday.

Finish Finders Keepers writing using the RACES strategy if not completed in class .

Tomorrow is our field trip. Please be to school no later than 7:45. Remember to bring a lunch and wear your Miller shirt if you have one. Students DO NOT need to bring their backpack tomorrow.