Summer Math

Here is the correct website address and code to join Ms. Courtright’s class for the summer.

1 Go to
2 Enter your class code and press “Add”.
Class code: ZQWENHZF
3 If you don’t already have an account, press
“Create a new account”. Enter your date
of birth, then sign up using Google, and your
school email.
4 Enter your grade (5) and course (math). Now you’re
ready to start learning!

Students should begin with the first set of work. It should be review and not too difficult as we have done most of it. If students forget, they can watch the video to remind them. They can get bonus points and move quicker through by doing well. Their goal is to become a “master” of each standard. I am NOT assigning specific work to them UNLESS they are in my 2 week summer school.

I would suggest your child do 1/2 hour in the morning before the summer day gets going. I would also suggest you have them show you weekly what they have accomplished so you know they are spending quality time working and not just clicking answers.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Courtright.