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Learning Lab Schedule

Please check out Room 32 Course to see Learning Lab schedule.

Beginning of the Year

Please check the 2 links below. One is my beginning of the year letter and the other one is the Dojo post I sent on Friday. See you soon and remember to go on Schoology everyday!!!

I have assigned our first assignment on Schoology. To log on to Schoology (now our Google classroom) just go to Dearborn’s web site and using student portal log in. You will see Schoology .
Lastly, I have contacted all parents asking you to sign up for the Meet and Greet. I still have 2 parents that have not signed up. See the Dojo link from Friday to sign up.

Meet and Greet!!!! Welcome to 5th Grade!!!

Please see the link above to sign up for meet and greet!!! See you then and bring a computer, mask and a bookbag!!!!

Work for the Summer

See below for summer work.

Please Fill out this survey relating to school. Thanks

Graduation 11:00

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 413-338-0555 and enter this PIN: 805 233 176#


Last day of school is tomorrow. We will have graduation on google meet at 11:00 sharp. Please be advised that if anyone shares the code or invite or acts inappropriately on the chat or site there will be consequences. I will send the code out at 10:30 and begins at 11:00. We will not be allowed to wait for anyone. Please mute your microphone upon entering. We will possibly have the Superintendent and others join us – Please MUTE!!! I will get on at 10:45 to help those struggling.
At 1:00, please come up to the building to retrieve items and return: Safety vest, library books, my books, instruments, computer if you want to.
This has been an awesome year, (minus covid) and I truly enjoyed teaching all of you and look forward to hearing about your successes.

NOTE- Dr. Tynan has put the library cart on the school porch if you want to return earlier than tomorrow!!!

Enjoy the SUNSHINE!!


For translation assistance, parents may call 313-580-2532Monday June 8th through Friday June 12th 8:30a.m.through 4:30p.m.   Additionally, if you have a parent liaison or clerical staff member that is available to contact parents to request that they complete the survey and/or provide language assistance, please do so.  Thank you! 
School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey #1

Thank you, Maysam, Jane, and David 


I have asked the district to open up google meet for us. Crossing my fingers they understand that the kids would like to see each other during their graduation. If they agree, we will do a practice on Monday at 12:00 to make sure all can get on.
Tuesday 11:00 is virtual graduation. At 1:00, please come up to the school and return
instrument, safety vest, library books, Mrs. Doyle’s books, and any other items that are not yours. Keep the computer.
You will get all of your certificates, items from our desk, and gifts!!!!
Thanks – see you in person on Tuesday!!!!!!!

Mock Election Awards

Meeting today to announce Mock Election Awards. We are going to  try Google Meet. To get to the site it is just what we did before.
Daily 5
On the very top in the heading below DAILY 5 – click link
If that does not work copy link below .