Subtraction Story Problems

This resource is great because it works on subtraction within story problems. This will be a great skill for the children to have exposure to before going to first grade. This resource has a subtraction story problem on each page. The children will read through it, draw it out, can use a number line to support their thinking, and find the answer.

Remember , when your child is drawing a subtraction problem, they draw the number of objects which is the first number in the equation. The second number in the equation tells them how many of the item they drew to cross off or “put an X over.” The number of items which are left that do not have an X over them is the answer. For example, 3-2=1, your child would draw 3 circles and cross off 2 circles, leaving 1 circle.

Using a number line for subtraction, remind your child that the numbers will be getting smaller and they will be moving down the number line. They will find the first number and place their pencil or finger on that number, then they will “hop” down the number line, the number they land on is the answer.

Here is the link to the resource if you would like to practice this skill at home:

Sequence of Events Resource

Another skill set in which I have identified that many of the children are having a difficult time with on their Raz-kids quizzes is any questions pertaining to sequence of events. This means that they should be able to answer questions about the order in which things took place throughout the story. You can help promote this skill when you are reading a book aloud together by asking them to retell the story to you using the beginning, middle, and end. I have also included the resource below which tells a short story and then the children will use scissors to cut and glue the events in order in which they happened.

Click the link below for some easy cut and paste activities to help promote sequence of events:

How to Promote Reading Comprehension

Use these tips to help promote reading comprehension. Your child may be able to read many words, but if they cannot tell you about the story, then they need to work on their comprehension. Use this video to help promote your child’s comprehension by asking these questions after you read:

Mystery Science Lesson

San Diego Zoo

Zoom Meetup April 2nd at 3:00pm

I know today was a fun time for all of the children to say hello to one another! I received a few emails from parents who were not able to attend the zoom meet up today.

Alena’s mom has graciously set up another zoom meet up for the whole class. It will take place on Thursday, April 2nd at 3:00pm.

I will post reminders throughout the week!

Main Idea Resource

I noticed many children were having difficulties identifying the main idea of the story when I looked through the Raz-Kids quizzes for the week. Below is a great resource that can help encourage this skill for all of the children:

Please Email Me Samples of Writing

Please take a picture of your child’s writing and send me a sample. I would like to see what they are doing with their writing and provide feedback to you through email, as well as to post more resources to help improve skills through the blog.

My email is

I received one sample of writing from a friend in our class and I am blown away with how much this child has grown! I would love to see all of the students work so that I can provide feedback and help each of the children continue to grow more and more!

Zoom Meet Up at 3pm!!!

Alena’s mom has set up a zoom meet up for all the children to be able to say hello to each other! You will need to download the app first and then you will be all ready for the video chat later today. It only takes a few minutes to download. If you are available and able to help your child get connected on zoom at 3:00pm today, all you need to do is click on the link below after you have downloaded the app:

Thank you Fay for setting this up!

DSHINES Lesson Plans

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