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Class Info

Classroom Syllabus

3rd Grade


Teacher: Mrs. Dillon


Classroom: 136

Course Description:

Our focus for this year is to engage the children in all subjects: Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies and Writing. The rigorous curriculum we will follow is aligned with the State Standards and Benchmarks. The curriculum adhered to by Dearborn Schools ensures high academic standards for all students. Our curriculum prepares students to become problem solvers and prepares them to become lifelong learners.

Class Expectations:

When students follow all the rules they will be rewarded daily with praise, stickers, small treats and most importantly an orderly and safe place to learn. My goal is to create an environment, which is stimulating and safe for your child. This includes assisting children in making appropriate behavioral choices. The desired classroom rules have been decided upon and discussed by the class and is posted for all to see.

Classroom Management Plan:

Students at Lowrey School are expected to:

  • Be on time and prepared for the school day
  • Be dressed appropriately
  • Respect self and others
  • Be responsible for their behavior and actions
  • Obey all traffic, bus, school, and class rules

We use whole brain teaching rules which the students review every morning. Our classroom rules are as follows:

  1. Follow directions quickly
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak
  3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
  4. Make smart choices
  5. Keep your dear teacher happy J

Behavior Chart:

  • Students start each day on green
  • They can move up and down based on choices they make
  • Purple: Polar Point and prize jar prize
  • Blue: Great job!
  • Green: Ready to learn
  • Yellow: Warning
  • Orange: Teacher choice consequence
  • Red: Family contact

A monthly calendar will be sent home every night with the color your child ended the day on. Please discuss your child’s behavior with them, sign and return to school the following day.

Entry and Dismissal:

Please drop off and pick up students at the main entrance facing Jonathon St. Each morning. I will lead your child into the building at 8:00am. Instruction starts at 8:05am so it is very important your child is on time daily. I will dismiss the class at 3:00pm. It is important that you are on time and present so that I can ensure your child is leaving with the parent or guardian of choice. Brief questions are allowed but please understand that I am responsible for the safety of the entire class, so keep in mind if there are any time consuming issues, a meeting needs to be scheduled.

If for any reason you are picking up your child early, you must check in the office first. Please do not come to my classroom directly. This is school procedure and we are all required to follow these rules to provide safety for both the child and the teacher. Additionally, please try to avoid picking your child up early if possible. Instruction goes until 2:55pm so leaving early will more than likely cause them to be behind the following day.


Birthday celebrations are reserved for the last 10 minutes of the day or during snack and only granted upon prior approval from the teacher. It is very important that you let me know in advance when you will be bringing in a birthday treat so I may plan accordingly. We are a nut free classroom so please do not bring in anything with nuts.

Grading Procedure:

Report cards will be sent home four times throughout the school year. I will be assessing each student’s academic and social growth by using the following key:

1= Exceeding Expectation

2= Meets Expectation

3= Progressing

4= Area of Concern

Homework policy:

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday night of every week. Starting in November, homework will be assigned Monday through Friday. Students will have a take home folder in which they will place their assigned homework. They will have to complete the work and bring it in the following day. I expect that all assignments will be turned in on time, are neat and that your child tried their best. If your child can accomplish these goals, they will be learning a very important daily skill: responsibility.

In addition to written homework, your child will bring a book bag of books home each night. Your child should read for a minimum of 30 minutes per night. Reading these books more than once will help your child build strong reading skills. In addition, I will be sending home a list of fiction and non-fiction comprehension questions children should be asking themselves, or you can ask them after they read. If your child is unable to answer these questions, they need to go back and re-read. I will not move children to a higher level just because they can read the words. They need to be able to understand the story in order to move up to a higher level.

Students will also be required to do computer homework every night. Students will be given a notebook to show their work. Not all assignments will require students to show their work; however, if work is not shown when it needs to be, the assignment will be marked incomplete. These websites work on smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. In addition, the local library has computers available for use. We will practice this in class so your child is aware of the expectations.


  •   Username: first name and last name, class code: rz3uab (reading, math, science and social studies)
  • (third grade reading and math)

Please do not sign your child’s agenda until you have checked and made sure EVERYTHING is completed:

  • Reading log
  • Behavior log (calendar)
  • Computer homework
  • Written homework

I expect student’s to spend about 1 hour a night on homework depending on how well they grasp concepts. For some students it will take less than an hour and for others it will take more than an hour. With that being said, I want students to be in bed at a reasonable time every night. If there is ever a night they can’t seem to finish everything please write me a note or email me and it will be excused; however, if it becomes a habit I will not be able to excuse it.

Homework Club:

Students will start every month in the homework club. If they forget to do their homework they are taken out of the club for the rest of the month. At the end of each month, there will be a small celebration/treat to reward students who completed their homework every night.


Students will have a spelling test every Friday. In addition, they will have a quiz every Friday on their reading and math morning work for the week. I will send their paper home on Thursday night for you to review with them. Please note: we go over this as a class daily. Students will also have math, reading, vocabulary, science and social studies tests throughout the year. is a great website to practice for vocabulary tests. Once on the website type in the search box: Sadlier Vocab Green and the unit number Example: Sadlier Vocab Green Unit 1. I will show students how to do this in class.


Students will be given 10 minutes daily for a healthy, nut free snack assuming they have completed all their work for the day. No junk food snack will be allowed such as: chips, candy, cookies, etc. Junk food snacks will only be allowed on special occasions. Some healthy snack ideas are: fruit, veggies, cheese, crackers, fruit snacks, hummus, a small sandwich, veggie straws, applesauce, yogurt, granola bar, etc. If you are unsure if a certain snack is appropriate please write me a note or email me and I would be happy to let you know.

The only drink that will be allowed in the room is water. Students are allowed to have water throughout the day as long as it does not become a distraction. Juice will be allowed only as a birthday treat.


We have gym on Fridays so please wear gym shoes.

It is very important that we work together to ensure that this school year is both positive and successful! I look forward to having your child in my classroom!

Mrs. Dillon


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