Week 9B: 3/4/19 – 3/8/19


Review for Water Pollution Test

Kaplan Review Session on Water Pollution

Kaplan Multiple choice and Frq discussion



Water Pollution Test

HW: Watch Video lecture on Ch 15 Air Pollution and Staratospheric Ozone Depletion and take notes

Read Module 46 and take notes



Case study- Cleaning up in Chattanoga

Class Discussion on Video Lect. Notes

Small Group activity on Primary vs. Secondary Pollutant

HW: Module 46 Practice

Read Module 47 and take notes



Quizlet on Major Air Pollutants

Small group activity- Major anthropogenic emissions and their sources

Practice FRQ- Air Pollution from ozone and lead  – FRQ from 1999 AP Exam

Explanations on Module 46 Practice Questions


Module 47 Practice, Read Module 48 and take notes -due thurs



Explanations on Module 47 Practice Questions

Explanations on Air Pollution from ozone and lead – FRQ from Previous Exam

Module 46- Partnered activity- use terms provided to create true statements

HW: Ozone formation and destruction FRQ from 2013 AP Exam



Small group activity (Module 47) – Effects of acid deposition in different biotic and abiotic ecosystems

Create a Concept Map on “Pollution Control Device” (48)

HW: Read Module 49 and 50 and take notes – due Mon

Module 49 and 50 Practice Questions – due tues