September 13th

Today we finished our About Me acrostic poems and created our writing portfolios. We also signed up for my iLearn site and Quizlet pages. We ended class with discussing the Daily 5 choice of “Read to Self” – BRING A READING BOOK TOMORROW!!! If you don’t have one you may borrow from my class library.


  • Summer Book Collage & index cards (new students do not turn these in) due FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15th
    • This information was sent home with the students at the end of 5th grade, please see my June 19th post for more information on what students have due by Friday
  • 60 minutes of MobyMax LANGUAGE  due by FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15th (before school begins!)
    • This isn’t the summer learning minutes, this is assigned weekly homework! Make sure you get this done in time!


Open house is tonight from 6-7:30 pm! Please be advised that each grade level has their own Open House schedule to follow.

The sixth grade Open House schedule is as follows:

6:00 – 6:15        Block 1                             

6:19 – 6:34         Block 2                             

6:38 – 6:43         Block 3                            

6:47 – 7:02         Open Block                                         

7:10 – 7:18        “A” Day Elective           

7:22 – 7:30         “B” Day Elective          

Your student should have filled out a paper with their personal schedule in their first block today. If they do not have one to give you, they should have their schedule taped into their planner so you can take a photo of it and bring that with you!  We are trying to be equitable with the times and room numbers. The “Open Block” is for visiting either Mr. Peterson or Mrs. Jones because they split their science and social studies days.

See you tonight!


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