Spirit Week

February 10th-February 14th will be spirit week sponsored by Student Council

Monday: Pennies for PJs!– Wear your PJs to school

Tuesday: Nickels for Neon- Wear neon clothes, jewelry, shoes, and socks

Wednesday: Dimes for Dress Up- Dress up in your fancy clothes

Thursday: Quarter Crazy Clothes- Wear your crazy outfits and mismatched clothes

Friday: Dollar Red Day- wear Red in support of students with blood cancer

Buy raffle tickets to get a chance to play during the dodgeball game!

3 tickets for $1

Diving Deep

We are diving deep into all of our units. We are wrapping up our Invasive Species unit for Science and will take a small quiz on Wednesday. In Social Studies we are about half way through our unit on the Articles of Confederation. This week we will be writing our 3rd and final compare and contrast paper during Language Arts. Students will be working on typing their final drafts.

End of the Semester

Friday is our last day of the semester. We will be wrapping up our last midterms this week as well. Notebooks and missing work are due on Wednesday for this marking period.

Friday-1/2 day for students

Monday- No School

Tuesday- 1/2 day for students

Wednesday- 1/2 day for students

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful break. Back to school means back to work which can be difficult after being out of the routine for a couple of weeks. However, with NWEA testing starting this week and other subjects wrapping up we will be back ready to go first thing! We will have a math quiz on Thursday to review what we did just before break and reviewing this week up until the quiz. Students were doing great before break and it should be easy to jump back into. We start NWEA Friday and take one test next week and one the following week as well.

Next week is already the end of Marking Period 2. We will have a midterm to review common parts for subjects.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Friday, January 17th- 1/2 day

Monday, January 20th- No School

Tuesday, January 21st- 1/2 day

Wednesday, January 22nd- 1/2 day


A friendly reminder that we will be having a science test tomorrow on Photosynthesis. Students have a study guide that we will go over in class and review for the test as well. The study guide is due tomorrow and is a great resource for the test.

We are continuing on with our Language Arts novel. We are over halfway through The Christmas Carol. Our plot summary chart is well under way and we are analyzing each of the ghosts that comes to visit Mr. Scrooge

In math we have started a new unit. Students will be busy working with ratios over the next few weeks.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

This week is Kindness Week–We will be doing a new activity each day during A2. Ask your child about it

Dec. 16th- Monthly parent meeting

Dec. 18th- Late Start

Dec. 23rd-Jan. 3rd- Winter Break