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IBlog will be moved to Schoology soon.

Check SCHOOLOGY for class information : )

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Dear Parents,

Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data.

For a better future of our city, schools, and students , please click on the link now and fill out the census. It only takes a few minutes from your time to make a difference.

Complete the Census application here:

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Sunday, June 7th

This is the last week of our semester!  We only have 2 things to complete this week.

The final check in and an end of the year survey. 

All late work must be turned in by Monday at 11:59 pm. 

Grades are to be posted on Tuesday.  

Please send me a photo of any CulpCoupons that you may have (put them all in one pic)

Write the date and the assignment on the front of each coupon. 

Thanks to each of you for a wonderful (and weird) school year!  It has been great getting to know each of you and learning chemistry together.  Have a great summer and be sure to visit me next year!  

Mrs. Culp 

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Thursday, May 28th

Things are moving along well!  I’ve sent emails to many of you who are behind…I hope you follow through with the plan to complete the semester. I would hate for any of you to lose credit for this class!  

The videos will be helpful for you both this week and next week.  Be sure to watch them to help with equilibrium.  I am always here to answer your questions!  

Stay safe and well!  

Wednesday, May 20th

Only 3 weeks left!  Please be sure to go back and complete any work that you have missed.  I want EVERYONE to pass, but you need a 60% to get credit for the semester!  

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Sunday, May 17th

Gas laws is continued this week with a lesson called “Ideal Gas Law.”     Combining Boyle, Charles’ and Gay-Lussec’s laws, into one law…making it possible for us to predict one variable (pressure, volume, number of moles, or temperature) if we are given the other variables.  

 The relationship between these variables also includes R (the Gas Constant).  This constant helps us calculate and predict conditions for the gas.  

The relationship between these variables is expressed in the following equation: 

PV = nRT

P = gas pressure in atmospheres

V = volume in Liters

n = # of moles of gas

R = The Gas Constant 

T = Temperature in degrees Kelvin

The simulation this week on Gizmo is excellent at helping us discovering the relationship between these variables.   

Think about what happens in your experiences in real life as you go through the simulation. 

 Where have I seen this before?   How am I affected by these types of changes? 

FYI:        Next Monday is Memorial Day.  We have NO SCHOOL on this Friday or Next Monday.   That means that you need to get this week’s work in BEFORE you go on (mental) vaca for the long weekend.   I am leaving the due dates in ILearn as still 10 am Friday, May 22nd.   I will still post next week’s work by Sunday, noon.   I don’t expect you (or me!) to work over the looooong weekend!  But I will post the work, just in case you get bored : )

Stay safe and well!  

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Sunday, May 10th

This week our lessons are on Gas Laws…specifically, Boyle’s law and Charles’ Law.  

There are several videos on my YOUTUBE channel in PLAYLISTS that will be helpful with Gas Laws.   Your textbook has an entire chapter dedicated to Gas Laws and it is very helpful!   

Be sure to tune in to at least 1 class meeting through ILearn BBB this week.  M,T,W,TH  1-3pm

Monday and Wed are dedicated to Hours 1,2,3

Tuesday and Thurs are dedicated to Hours 4,5,6

Of course, you can ALWAYS check in ANY TIME with me!   I am happy to help with your assignments and the BEST way is through our LIVE class meetings!  
Stay safe and well! 

Wednesday, May 6th

I had a training session this morning on BBB (BigBlueButton) conferencing tool.  It should work great for us!  

 Remember to check in ONCE per week through the video chat session.  

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Sunday May 3rd

Happy May!  It’s a beautiful day and life is good!  

Thanks for all the well wishes for my Mom.  She is home from the hospital now and doing much better. She is covid-free, it was other health issues that are being resolved.  You are such kind, caring people!  I hope you and your families are safe and well too. 

This week, we have only 1 set of assignments.  The Explore Learning website is wonderful!  Again, there are 3 parts to this assignment.  

1.  The Worksheet (to be used with the simulation) 

2.  The simulation Gizmo

3.  The assessment (found below the Gizmo simulation)   Again, make sure to hit the “check my answers” button so I get a copy of your results.    You may take the assessment multiple times until you pass!  

I am still working on grading your final projects- So many wonderful presentations!   It’s a pity that you can’t present them to your peers.  If we start school in the fall, I will be asking my students to do virtual presentations too!  

This week also is the re-start of our virtual class meetings for check – in.  

The BBB or B3 – BigBlueButton is the platform we will be using from now on.   

The link can be found in the Week 3 section of ILearn.  We will be live from 1pm – 3pm on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday each week.   Please log on and type “present’ in the chat box so there is record of your attendance.  Then, ask any questions you have, or just say HI!  

Remember, Check -in is REQUIRED each week as are the assignments.  You must get 75% – 100% to get an A and 60-74% to get G (credit). 

You may take the assessment multiple times until you pass!!

See you tomorrow on the BigBlueButton!!  

Thursday, April 30th

Can you believe it’s the last day of April? 

Things are moving forward, always.  

Next week we will resume our class meetings using the ILearn program called BigBlueButton. 

 I’ll be online from 1-3pm Monday, Tues, Wed and Thurs.  You can check in any of those times  You simply log in through ILearn and then type your name in the chat.  
Hopefully this fits in with your schedule for at least one of the days each week. 

Stay safe and well, 
Mrs. Culp

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Monday, April 27th

Happy Monday!  

This week’s Google Meeting has been postponed while we find a more secure program.  Looks like “Big BLue Button” through ILEarn, but I will let you know.  

SO, for this week, PLEASE check in through ILearn Week 2.  There is an ATTENDANCE ASSIGNMENT.  Simply write me a short note telling me how you are doing.  Ask any questions that you may have and I will answer you asap. 

Week 2 assignments include:  (Found on ILearn, Due Friday, May 1 at 10am)

   1.  Capstone Project:  rough draft submission and  final draft submission

   2.  Explore Learning – Gizmo – Chemical Equations

         a.  simulation (Explore Learning website)

        b.  worksheet  (Submit to ILearn)

        c.  assessment  (Explore Learning website – found below the Gizmo simulation)

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Friday, April 25th

It is so disappointing how many of you waited until AFTER our class meeting to ask questions!  That’s what the class meeting is for!  

PLEASE read the directions carefully…I have been super detailed in the instructions, but you have to READ them! 

Each week you will have 2 topics to do:  

Week 1:  (This week) Due This morning at 10am  

       A.  Capstone Project – proposal / outline

       B.  Balancing Equations – simulation / worksheet / assessment

Week 2:  Due Friday, May 1st 10am

     A.  Capstone Project – rough draft / final draft

    B.  Chemical Equations – simulation / worksheet / assessment

You may have to go back and read my IBLog posts from previous days to make sure you get all the details!!! 

Stay safe!  Stay well!  

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