Thursday, Sept. 17

Hello again, so sorry to bother you.  I will not be putting out a signup genuis for NWEA testing.  5th grade doesn’t need to complete the test until late October.  Due to this, we are going to wait.  There are many glitches happening with the district’s K-3 trying to get it done so we will wait.  Also, it has come to my attention that when I change something on Schoology you get a notification, you probably want to turn that off.  Here are the directions to do that. Turn off notifications THROUGH your child’s schoology:


I would suggest changing them all to off.  

Hope that helps.  Also, this week has been better than last week for sure.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  We will continue to work through any issues that come up.  Don’t forget tomorrow is 1/2 day for the kids. 


Friday, September 11

Well, we all survived week one, HOORAY! πŸ™‚ It definitely was one of the longest weeks ever for me. Thanks to everyone for your patience and ability to problem solve with all of the tech going on. We have a changed schedule from what I originally sent in the orientation so here it is (And, may change again……) Each day will be the same except for the kids’ specials’ classes-Monday-Media, Tuesday-Gym, Wednesday-Tech, Thursday-Art, Friday-Music. Each of those days, your child should click on that course in Schoology to get to that teacher’s lesson. Mr. Tapp said pls. don’t forget to sign the participation waiver that is required!

8:55-10:10 Math

10:10-10:30 snack/recess

10:30-11:45 S.Studies with Mrs. Ranka (via her course link)

11:50-12:30 Lunch/recess

12:30-1 Grammar/Writing

1-1:54 Special Class

2-2:50 Reading/Lang. Arts with me

2:50-3 recess

3-3:50-Learning Labs (by invite) or meetings one on one via zoom with me

Any questions? Feel free to email me. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday Homework

Thanks to everyone for your patience and perseverance related to to the several technology issues we’ve had. We are all having to take deep breaths and use coping skills to get through this. Please have discussions with your child about how to troubleshoot and have patience on the computer-they want INSTANT solutions and that’s just not possible. I just keep saying, each day it will get better/easier……..Let’s hope that’s true!

Several students did not return after lunch to meet and to get their homework written down, here it is:

1. Join zearn, khan, quizlet, epic and readworks ( Have students go toΒ 2. Students should sign in with their Google account.. Students enter class codeΒ Q3CFS3) if you haven’t already

2. Math sprint, complete pg. 5

3. Epic-complete the reading assignment (Jesse Steam Mysteries: The Conundrum of the Crooked Crayon)

4. On Schoology 5 Wednesday Writing Folder-All About Me

This should be done by Thursday’s meeting. Here is the link that should work if your child is not able to use it via Schoology.


Thursday Afternoon

A GIANT thanks to all of the students and families who have completed the assignments this week! Today we had some glitches related to sending an email via Schoology. It appears there is still a lot of work to be done by the tech department and I’m hoping Tuesday we can have more PEAKS than PITS. I have probably never had such a stressful beginning of the year and hoping next week we all can be patient and understanding of each other. πŸ™‚

SO, on Tuesday, please have your child log into Schoology (8:55) just like they did earlier today. They should easily see the zoom link and be able to click on it to join. They definitely will need to log in via their gmail account as directed. IF it does not connect and we have issues, I will send your child the link via their email, so have them go there as a second step. It may take us more than 5 minutes and I will do everything I can as fast as possible. Just make sure your child doesn’t give up and turn off the computer. I will send emails to all of the kids if zoom doesn’t work with a next step to follow.

Here is a link to the picture that has the info. for the zoom meeting on Tuesday if the automatic link on Schoology doesn’t work:

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 3

Guess who?

Today I’d like you to log into your Schoology account (You may need an adult to help you with these directions) and send me an email so that Tuesday you are ready to use Schoology and can meet me at 8:55 on the zoom meeting. Here are the directions:

1. Open a new window on your computer so you can come back here to read as you work.

2. Go to

3. Find and click on Student Portal

4. Find and click on the S (for Schoology)

5. Sign into your gmail account. Accept or allow.

6. You should be in your account now. Click on COURSES at the TOP. Several choices will come on your page. ONLY click on the multicolored 5 in the left hand corner.

7. Your name should be on the right hand side of the screen and 2 spots to the left is an envelope. Double click on it, hit new message and type in my name: Lori Courtright, click on it and then proceed to send me an email that you were successful.

8. After sending the email, you should also have seen the zoom link on your course page. That is what you will click on Tuesday morning for our meeting at 8:55.

If you are struggling and these directions do not work for you, send me an email by 11 today so that I may call you and we can do it together.

Complete this math on a piece of paper and be prepared to share your answers on Tuesday when we are together.

Finally, you have a name tag in your ziploc bag. Please write your name LARGELY in dark colors and have it on the middle of the top of your shirt for Tuesday’s zoom meeting!

Have a terrific LONG weekend and see you Tuesday, I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

Wednesday, Sept. 2

Yesterday was another successful day with supplies pick up and checking in about yourself. Thank you πŸ™‚

Here are the answers to most of the questions that were ask of me: I started teaching in 1992 (YOU do the math). I’ve always taught either 4th/5th grade and I’m sad we are not in person this year but hope we will be soon! I think 5th grade is somewhat hard because you are more mature so there is more to expect from you in comparison to other years in elementary. Our course will fully be on Schoology for now. We will do lots of reading but I’m not sure about the read a book and answer questions-possibly. My favorite color is green, I have a dog (Jozie) and a cat (Sassy). I like sports and am very active! I mountain bike 2-3 days a week, play pickle ball (google that!) and walk my dog daily. This summer I went camping, rode my bike and paddle boarded often.

Bitmoji classroom: Click on the link and follow the directions on it. When you are done, go to the google form to answer some questions about the link. It appears that some of the links to the books will not work from your computers on youtube. Find one that does work and read that!

Please complete this after using the above link. This needs to be completed by noon! This is your attendance for the day for me.

Finally, when you are done, click this link and complete the multiplication game. Play at least twice to practice your facts and speed!

Tuesday, September 1

Howdy! Students did a great job of completing the Google Form yesterday-THANK YOU! For today, please fill out the getting to know you form. Make sure you spell check and read it aloud to yourself (to check for silly mistakes) after you’ve written it and before you share it back with me. Do this by noon today please!

When you are done, watch this video and be prepared to talk about it (Hoping it will work, :)):

Click this link and complete the multiplication game. Play at least twice to practice your facts and speed!

Can’t wait to meet/see you today between 10-11 for supply pick up! Remember, if you can’t come, send me an email and we will figure it out.

Email: Students, here is a video if you do not know how to send an email. For those of you who did not send me one yesterday, please watch the video and send me one today!

Monday, August 31

Please go through this orientation for parents and students together:

If your child knows how to use their email, pls. have them send me an email to say hello and check in. Also, by noon today (This will be my way of taking attendance), please have your child complete this link to google forms after completing the above orientation (Make sure student is logged into DPS):

After completing this, come back to the blog Tuesday morning and don’t forget supplies pick up is Tuesday, 10-11. See you then! πŸ™‚